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Into the rabbit hole: Nightmare mafia

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Jul 30, 2010
Wherever history is in the making
When did it begin? Those images... those thoughts popping into my head. It feels as if something, someone, has been calling me, something is waiting for me.

Everytime I close my eyes I see this place... this horrible place, it is neither hell or heaven. A dark void, a shade of everything that is now, where time does not exist.

Tonight it feels different. I feel as if tonight is the beginning, my eyes are feeling heavy but I know that if I close them now, there may be no way back.
Yet I do not feel scared. I do not know what I will find on the other side, and I cannot fight the inevitable.

(a) You close this thread, turn the volume of your speakers up, and take another cup of coffee
(b) You succumb to this fatigue, you close your eyes, sign up below and embark on a journey

Your choice!

List of players:
1. Spiritual Mask Salesman
2. Foo
3. Repentance
4. Dekunut
5. Sadia
6. Johnny Sooshi
7. Crus@der77x
8. Mido
9. LittleGumball
10. A Link in Time
11. Musicfan
12. Ari
13. Mellow Ezlo
14. Zelda13
15. Pendio
16. Doc
17. Viral Maze
18. Shroom
19. Frozen Chozen


If needed I can add 3 more players to the game, but I cannot do with less than 20.

For those who sign up, I will post some information about the game below, so that from the start of the game you're already accostumed to this, and won't drown in the total amounts of information you'll get.

In this game, there are no "townies" or standard roles.
Everyone is subdivided into 2 main categories:
- Dreamers
- Spirits

Dreamers are human. Dreamers have been sucked into the dream (regardless of their alignment).
Dreamers have 2 subgroups:
+ Lucid dreamers. Dreamers that have realised they are in a dream and have the potential to alter it at will. Any dreamer can become lucid (or lose lucidity), a lucid dreamer is able to acquire a large variety of powers.+ + Drifters. Dreamers that have an exceptional lucid talent and are (and will remain) lucid from the start of the game.
The list of powers that can be acquired will be provided on day 1.

Spirits have originated from this dream and tend to be more static, in contrast with dreamers, because they have often been created for specific purposes. They too can have any alignment. Spirits can be benevolent spirits, nightmares, wild spirits, or a figment of Kokirion, the host of the dream.

Pay a lot of attention to the rules. The area in the dream will often change, and this can affect the rules hugely. An area can provide for additional features and ways of interaction in the game, as well as extra rules (both functional, or annoying, such as having to use certain words or whatever in every post).

Many of the things above will be more clarified throughout the game, and it will not be confusing. But I posted this in advance so that you won't drown in all the extra rules etc. during the first few days. Keeping these things above in mind, the game is easy to play and not difficult to understand.

Good luck!

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