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Inflexus Timeline Theory

May 15, 2008
Kentucky, USA
Inflexus, just about all your points are ones which I have agreed with in the past. No timeline, it being a Legend, which are known to over time, be changed and told in different ways, hence different renditions of the game's storyline. And also, what you just said, that Link, if he returned to the time that he departed to the future, would therefore render all events which he done in the future non-existant.

But there is really no arguing these points. Miyamoto, the creator of the series, said there is some kind of timeline. That, in fact, would be rational considering "he made the thing". If he said Link was really a woman this whole time, no one could argue that statement necessarily. That's why I basically stopped trying. Yes, it makes a hell of a lot more sense if there was no direct time that everything was lain out, if it was just one story told different ways. It would be easier as well. And it is also more rational to say that the Future of OoT couldn't have happend, but it did.

Without a timeline of generations, which is what a lot of people theorize about, the series would still have games which connected, and Wind Waker does connect to OoT. The opening story wouldn't tell that story unless it did. It states that because the events of OoT, what we have now in WW is how the current world came to be (at least Link's world). So OoT must be fact and take place before WW, in order for WW to be rational in itself. Yeah, you can say that neither stories are true over the other, but that wouldn't make sense considering, WW does make many references to OoT, Ganon, the Hero of Time, and others.

I would like to have kept my original theory that, it is a Legend, told different ways, but really, it's just more fun to look at the details of the games and say, well because of this, it had to happen then. Even if you don't believe in a timeline, there are many of the games which apparently connect and happen in coordination with each other.

Adventure of Link - a few seasons after - Legend of Zelda
Majora's Mask - not too long after - Ocarina of Time
Wind Waker - about a hundred years after - Ocarina of Time
Phantom Hourglass - directly after - Wind Waker

Taking into account the sequels and such, there is a timeline within the games. The Oracle series happen one after the next, depending on what order you play them in. The Four Swords games, which I personally don't like, also keep the same elements and stories.

The only stand-alone games with no real connection to anything else would be:

A Link to the Past - Yeah, it talks about some sages, and Ganon, and the Sacred Realm, but nothing in the story directly links it to any other game. Therefore, theoretically, if one wanted to make a timeline, this game could fall just about anywhere within it.

Link's Awakening - although most say it is a sequel to ALttP, I've never heard of the connection directly

Twilight Princess - Supposidly, this game was going to help to reveal a lot of information reguarding the timeline of the series, when in reality, it only made things ten times worse. This game mentions no connection to any other Legend in particular, only that Link is given the clothes of the Hero by the Gods. One could assume they mean Link in OoT (like the story went in WW), but no one knows for sure.

Minish Cap - People say that this game has to have happend first. I, don't see how. Personally, Minish Cap, judging from the artwork and look of Hyrule, my first take on it was "Well, here's Link and Zelda from Wind Waker....They have found the new Hyrule". So I played it, and found that this was not the case, but nonetheless, still do not see how it HAS to come before anything. It is a stand alone game, with no reference to any other game.

So you see, there is a timeline for most of the games. If it wasn't for Twilight Princess, in my book, we would be able to make probably a very believable timeline with the other games.

But I do respect your theories. It is actually good to have someone who thinks about it more simply than arguing what they feel is fact against someone else's opinion. Which, is of course, what one would generally do when they have an opinion. But I'm talking about people who are just like "ITS LIKE THIS, THIS IS TRUE, NO ONE ELSE CAN SAY IT ISN'T TRUE!!!" People like that, need to do something else for about an hour, and they would be surprised at how much life there is other than Zelda.

I started tryin to figure out a timeline just because I wanted to see if I could come up with anything that would connect the games, or else I would still be saying its all a big fairytale told to Zelda at night before she goes to bed. I mean think about that for a minute. Parents tell little girls about "Princess (insert daughters name here) Lived in a big castle...blah blah blah....Knight in Shining Armor Rescued Her....THE END." For all we know, all these games could be dreams Zelda is having about some bedtime story she was told by the King one night. So write that one down, because if no one has came up with that theory yet, you heard it here first.
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