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In Which Order Did You Play The Games?


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Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
Holy crap! VikzeLink is making a thread that isn't a weekly sunday poll? Yup! It's happening, the doomsday is near!

Jokes aside, I was just wondering about the order you guys played the games in. Obviously only the ones that you've actually played, as I know that a lot of people here hasn't played all of them (myself included, kinda). And you don't necessarily have to have beaten the games, just played them.

My own order:

The first Zelda-game I played was Ocarina of Time. I've told this story many time before on ZD; I think it was the christmas of 1999 when me and my younger brother got a used N64 for christmas with 4 games. Super Mario 64, Rush, AeroGauge and Ocarina of Time.

The second one was Majora's Mask, as a friend of mine had gotten it for his N64, so we played that at his place (could never beat it back then though as we didn't understand english and thus got stuck in the well when we didn't udnerstand what things to give the Gibdos).

Third one was Wind Waker. The same friend had that game too, and now we were a bit older, so we could actually beat it!

Fourth for me was A Link to the Past. I got the Gameboy Advance port that came out back then and played that. But I could never beat Moldorm, as it'd keep pushing me off its platform and reset the fight, so I actually gave up and sold it. It also had Four Swords on it, but I never played that since I didn't have the friends nor the equippment to pull it of.

Fifth one was Four Swords Adventures. Found it at the game store one day, saw it was a Zelda-game, so I bought it. Despite many of you guys' opinions on this game, I still love it!

Sixth was the original LoZ. I was so happy when I found the Collector's Edition at the game store and bought it immediately. Out of the games I hadn't already played, LoZ was the first one I tried. I now also had my own copy of MM, so I finally beat that!

Seventh was ofc Adventure of Link, as it was on that same disc. I've never managed to even beat the first boss, Horsehead, of that game, but I have played it!

Eight was Twilight Princess! I got it for christmas the same year it came out (GC-version).

Ninth for me was Phantom Hourglass! Another Zelda-game I feel is very underrated!

Tenth game I played was Spirit Tracks. It came out, and I got it.

Eleventh was Link's Awakening. I finally decided to start playing the games I had missed, and first up was Link's Awakening DX, so I bought a copy on Amazon, played it and loved it!

Twelfth for me was Skyward Sword! I got the most expensive edition, the one with the CD and the golden controller ^^

Thirthteenth was Oracle of Seasons! Another of the unfinished Zeldas that I got and played. Inbetween this one and LA, I also re-purchased ALttP and finally beat it! Although, I seem to have gotten some bootleg-copy of the game, as it has a weird, un-skippable intro thing with a monkey (probably some avatar of whoever copied the game), but other than that it was exactly the same.

Fourteenth was A Link Between Worlds. Same as with most of the new games, it came out and I got it.

Fifteenth was Minish Cap. On my quest to play the Zelda-games I had missed I now went with Minish Cap. The main reason for this was that by this point I had started Let's Playing on youtube, and my friend (same as from before) requested me to play this game, so I did!

The sixteenth game for me was Tri Force Heroes. It'd a decent game, but I prefer FSA.

And finally we have Breath of the Wild as the seventeenth game!

The only ones I haven't played yet are Oracle of Ages and Four Swords. I'm waiting with Oracle of Ages, cause I want to make a blind LP of it. And I don't actually really count Four Swords.

But what about you? Which games have you played in what order? And what games haven't you played?


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I played them all in order because I'm a granny.

I was born in 87 and there was an NES with both Zelda games at the time in the room my parents would lock me in.

Later on I'd play ALTTP and LA and on and on it went in order of release. I've been a Zelda fan for as long as I can remember.

I've never missed a release.


The Rising Sun
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Sep 9, 2019
hmm, a couple of games were tough to pin down, but I'm pretty sure it was:
OoT > MM > OoA > OoS > ALttP > WW > LoZ > AoL > FSA > MC > TP > PH > ST > LA > SS > ALBW > TFH > BotW
(FS never played)

Moe the Moblin

We Are Number One
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
Zelda > Zelda 2 > Ocarina of Time* > Wind Waker************ > Majora's Mask > Twilight Princess > Phantom Hourglass* > A Link to the Past > Spirit Tracks > Skyward Sword* > A Link Between Worlds* > Link's Awakening > Oracle of Seasons > Oracle of Ages > Minish Cap* > Triforce Heroes* > Breath of the Wild*
************boi I have spent so much time playing this game you don't even know
tells a pretty clear story of someone who was raised on the consoles in childhood and went back to play the handhelds either with emulator or virtual console
Hope I didn't miss any :bear:


Sal Manella
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May 4, 2012
Donald Dump's America
its all on my signature, though I guess to break it down a bit
the gamecube games were my childhood, ocarina of time I didn't play till middle school, the games afterwards I played throughout high school, skyward sword and link b/w worlds I was there for on their release months, the oracle games I played a few years back and breath of the wild I played about this time last year


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Oct 14, 2007
West Dundee, IL
I didn't know what Zelda was at first... I played 'The Gold Cartridge' game... but didn't know it was Zelda. Technically it was Legend of Zelda first... but I was so young that I could never get beyond one dungeon, so I don't know if that even counts.

-A Link to the Past
-Ocarina of Time
-The Legend of Zelda (Realizing... it was familiar from when I was 4)
-Adventure of Link
-Link's Awakening
-Majora's Mask

Beginning with Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, games were played in the order that they were released.

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