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Imma Be in Nintendo Power Magazine!


Not That Jesus

So a while ago I made this and posted it on the interwebs:

It got over 250,000 views and some guy ended up emailing me telling me that they worked for Nintendo Magazine and they'd love to do a piece on me and other work that I do. I was super skeptical it would end up in the magazine but I agreed and went ahead and filled out the interview questions he sent me.

Now that was over a month ago and I figured he was just pulling my leg. Then today I got this email back:

AWWWW YEEAAAAHHH!! ::crosses off one old childhood goal::

...now someone go find me the Pink Ranger while I'm on a roll.


Graphic Designer
Feb 22, 2011
I was featured in I think the August 2011 issue of Nintendo Power. I sent them a letter via e-mail and... yeah. I used "zeldahuman" as my name so... yeah. :yes:

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