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I'm Filming a Zelda Movie This Summer...Any Tips?


Stardust Crusaders
Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
Okay, I am making a Legend of Zelda movie trilogy based off Ocarina of Time and then a Majora's Mask Sequel, and I'm really in need for some idea's and or Tips, so any help that I could get would be greatful, thanks! :)


Forever I am Abandoned
Mar 2, 2010
In the middle of Kansas...
1. Get actresses
2. Use a good camera
3. Get a horse
4. Get an Ocarina/Weapons/Costumes
5. Write a good scipt. Or follow the game letter by letter and make up lines for Link.

Well, a fan film sounds cool(I've always santed to become a director and film a real film) but whre are you gonna get all the special effects to make the bosses, Temples, a dessert, and all those crazy lights?
Feb 3, 2010
1) no need to put an accent, use your normal accent.
2) if possible, make link left handed :)
3) if possible making it animated would be amazing
4) im unsure whether majoras mask would make a good movie without changing 90% of it, id use twilight princess instead but its entirely up to you.
5) kick at least one of the following: ruto (along with the zora race), darunia (along with the goron race) or nabooru (but not along with the gerudo race)
6) get a man to do sheiks acting
7) make impa cool and badass
8) make sheik a skilled fighter like he is in super smash bros.

thats all i can think of, whats your youtube account so i can subscribe to it.

anyway, thanks a lot for spending your own time doing this, hope you enjoy making it as much as we will watching through it
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~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
Don't rush it, make sure you make everything as good as you can by taking it slowly. Apart from that look at the other posts and don't forger to have fun!

P.S. Remember the blue stud in Link's ear!


Sep 20, 2008
1- Make sure the actors and actresses are good and may have had some experience in the past
2- Make sure they have actually played both games
3- Film the locations in suitable places in the real world. If you are using a Green Screen, make sure it isn't too distinguishable from the actors themselves
4- You may possibly need a child or smaller actor to play Skull Kid (Wearing Majora's Mask)
5- Make two or three of Majora's Mask in case one is damaged..etc.
6- Make sure everyone is happy. Happy crew= good movie.
7- A good script is essantial! Otherwise, no-one will want to watch it
8- Enjoy doing it. If you arent enjoying filming/directing it, what's the point of even making it?


1.accurate storyline (well as accurate as you can get from a 2 hour movie)
2.good costumes (make sure to get kokir,goron,zora tunics for Link)
3.realistic weapons (i would'nt suggest real weapons if you can help it)
4.good actors (using your friends is a good idea if they want to)
5.special effects (and a fast computer)


Sage of Tales
To avoid running afoul of the Copyright gods, I'd say throw all seriousness out the window and make it a parody-film. Parodies are allowed under Copyright law - lawyers can do nothing to you if what you've done is *making fun* of the source material.

If you must be serious about it, don't be flamboyant in your promoting of it. Keep it under the radar, a nerd-to-nerd, "nerd-of-mouth" thing.

You know, if you want to avoid a Cease and Desist command like that received by makers of the "Hero of Time" film. I never saw it myself, but I'd heard they'd went as far as to rent out small theaters to show it, which is... uh... you don't do that if you don't want Nintendo to come down on you.

The cardnial rule with all fanworks - do not distribute for profit. Most Copyright holders (even Nintendo) are just fine (at least most of the time) with fanwork as long as it's distributed freely. (I.E. I never charge for my fan art and fan fiction, I put it up at places online for free. If I, say, started a "pay me" website requring a fee to read my fan fiction, I'd not only have lost my personal honor, I could get sued).

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Here's some tips.

1) Alter it slightly, like they did with the manga.
2) Use good actors that have had experience. If they are unexperienced, but are still good enough for the part, cast them for it anyway.
3) Don't do things like rent out theatres, lest you be the creator of a Hero of Time repeat.
4) Don't advertise it too widely. It might reach Nintendo that way.
5) Don't charge money for it or you may end up with a repeat of the Hero of Time.
6) Have a man play Shiek.
7) Animate it, if possible.
8) Use computer animation for the Zora and Gorons if possible.
9) Use green screen if possible.
10) If tip nine is not an option, film it in suitable places or make your own (they covered walls with brown paper to make a cave effect in Legend of Neil).
11) Use child actors for Saria, Young Link, Skull Kid, and Young Zelda.
12) Use accurate but fake weapons (having an accurately made Master Sword that isn't sharpened).
13) Be professional. Don't cast your friends just because they're your friends.
14) Use a good quality camera.
15) Have fun.

Twili Kid

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Jun 20, 2009
1) Make sure after you think your script is done. Have it read by someone not working on the movie. It helps
2) Make sure every one looks about like they should
3) don't pull a Hero of Time. Not the movie itsself that was pretty good but don't
a) take the 4 year time span
b) avertise, word of mouth works much better and decreases your chance of getting sued


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Feb 14, 2010
The best thing to do is to not spread word too widely; lest you be sued for using Nintendo's story. Youtube and passing by hand work fine.

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