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If you wrote a book...........


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Jan 30, 2010
I've started writing six different books...every one I've never had the energy to finish. I come up with interesting ideas, I think, but once I start writing them out, I never really want to write them. Currently though, I am going to start writing a book about the struggles that a person you'd least expect to have problems, has to deal with. I need characters though. That's the only issue I have. Lol.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
I've never been able to sit down and think long enough to write a full blown book. I've never even gotten past the 7th chapter of any multi-chapter fanfics I've ever started. But I'm very comfortable with short stories and the like, of which I've written a few. I don't do much original work, but I have a good deal of half-fleshed ideas that with a bit of inspirations may one day find themselves onto paper. At the very least, I've a very defined idea of the types of story I would end up writing if inspiration hit. My choice of subject matter is usually psychology, either the darker aspects of human nature, or at least the heavier aspects of human emotion. I like writing stories with semi-depressing tones. =3


The tree hugger of Hyrule
Beware of wall of text...

Wow, there's a lot of fan fiction and books I'm currently writing, so I'll pick one of the books I'm writing based on real life. It's about a girl who moves in and she's a famous singer and everyone has no clue that she's a famous singer, and this other girl, who has a ton of friends and a boy friend, is really mean to her because her mom is making her be friends with her a ditch her own friends and the singer steals her boy friend, and then her friends leave their friend to the singer. Then the girl changes and finally accept the singer as a friend. And then the singer reveals she's a famous singer and then everyone leaves her, since she didn't tell them she was a famous singer. So then something happens and then everyone goes back to the singer and then the book ends. I'm about at page 60 and since it's based too much on real life, I'm not sure if I would post it.


Well it isn't exactly a book, I'm beginning to write a visual novel right now, which is like a book except it's in video game form. :sweat: It's about a guy who meets a girl and they become quick friends, but eventually finds out she has a sleeping disorder that causes her to sleep for weeks at a time. She has one of these sleeping spells a few days later. The night after the girl fell under her sleeping spell, the guy falls asleep and wakes up in a weird version of the world, and then meets a group of five kids, each claiming to be a close friend of the girl. One of the kids, a quiet girl who doesn't talk unless spoken to, tells him that each of the girls closest friends gets sucked into her dream every time she falls under her sleeping spell. Then the story splits into 5 separate stories, one for each of the kids. Yeah, it's not exactly linear since it's a visual novel and not a normal book but I think it's a decent story. :sweat:
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True and Noble
Oct 17, 2007
United States of America
I'm writing a full-length novel with no roots in fan-fiction or anything like that, and I'm around like page 300-something now, but it'll never be published. Just something that my family and I can enjoy, most likely.


Oct 4, 2010
I would of course write down the story that is stuck inside my head. The problem is that it is not done yet... but the main plot is. I created it and based mostly Zelda style. I just hope one day I will finally finish it and publish it. It's medieval fantasy, just the way I like the genres of stories to be.
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Dec 12, 2010
I am in the middle of a fantasy story as well as several fanfictions. When I write, I like to focus on characters and how they're all just random people trying to get through the day. WRITING = <3


I love writing, and I've written several cheezy stories since I was little. Of seriously good ideas (or ones I just like :D) I've never really gotten down or did much with them because I have the habit of procrastinating and being lazy. I like writing about fantasy, science fiction, and just about anything else that stretches the human imagination. I have so many ideas, and sadly my work ethic is atrocious, but recently I found the National Novel Writing Month site in which during the entire month of November (30 days), you must write a 50,000 page book (of any kind, including fan fiction). I'm really determined to try it next year and watch my brain slowly melt as I try to create art in a significantly small amount of time.
Dec 12, 2010
Fascinating how many people have tried/are currently writing books on this forum. Obviously the Zelda playing populace are a very educated bunch indeed :D
Mar 17, 2010
New York
I'm more apt to write little vignettes. I LOVE to write, but I've never written anything really substantial. I have several lengthy things going, but not anywhere near done. Some sort of scene will come to me, and I'll write it. There's no definite or cohesive plot, and none of it is put together in any order. Somewhere in my mind they are, but they have yet to come together. Someday I'll write a book though. I'm sure of that.


Feb 7, 2011
Hunting with my wolf and cheetah.
I have difficulty writing conflict, but it has nothing to do with my main charactor. I've written a story where my main charactor got badly hurt (due to a crash landing). My main trouble is the war aspect of it. I try very hard but I can't do it.

I write Sci-fi/adventure stories. I'm working on a book now, but it's coming along slowly.

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