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If You Were a Zelda Character

Feb 5, 2011
Once again, let's disguise fanfic ideas with a question.
If you were a character in the Zelda games, what role would you play? Let's go a bit more in detail.
What would be your name?
What is your species?
Where do you live? Not just what region (Hyrule, Termina, New Hyrule and so forth) What province or village?
Are you an ally, enemy, rival or someone who chills in the background?
What's your relationship with Link or Zelda?

Links Brother

I am Links older Brother!
Jul 12, 2011
Kaiu, the lead guitarist for the Indigo Go's after the death of Mikau. I would live in great bay coast Termina of course. Zora Male. And I would never know link and Zelda because they are in another dimension.


Smallest graphical unit
Nov 16, 2011
What would be your name? I don't really know ... let's go with Print. I'm not very creative btw ...
What is your species? Hylian,no, wait,scratch that,Sheikah
Where do you live? Hyrule, Kakariko Village more specifically ^_^
Personality? Mostly like that guy that reads a lot of books in TP, that helps you to get to the City in the Sky. So I'd read book and maybe tend to be a more Navi-like character,helping if there's a way of contact.
Are you an ally, enemy, rival or someone who chills in the background? I'm an ally, but with a little back story I'm also a boss ^_^
What's your relationship with Link or Zelda? Friends with them,mostly with Link and Zelda is okay.

Okay,let's suppose this wasn't a fanboy's example ...


An Hero of our Time
Sep 19, 2011
Right behind you in a camo suit ;)
Name- Sako(a name I came up with a little while back).
Race- Either Hylian or Sheikah works for me.
Location- In Hyrule, I would probably have some kind of hideout in Kakariko Village or something.
Role- I would act as an ally of Link's, helping him to fight off enemies when necessary and sneak into certain areas(I would be more rouge-like, and maybe have some magic).
Relationship with Link or Zelda- I probably would've met Link along his travels at some point and decided to befriend him and become his ally, wanting to help rid Hyrule of evil and have some fun adventuring.


Nov 13, 2011
Name-Baroodo, the son of Nabooru
Race- Gerudo
I would live in the Gerudo Desert at the Gerudo Fortress from Ocarina of Time.
I would be the antagonist.
I would lead the tribe on a conquest of the rest of Hyrule.
I would have multiple encounters with Link as we fight during the siege of Zora's Domain, when he confronts me in Hyrule Castle, and one last fight in the Gerudo Fortress where he will once in for all end my reign of terror over Hyrule.
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Red as the Crimson Sun
Jun 27, 2011
McKinney, Texas
I would be a Red Deku Scrub. I would be prince of the Deku Palace in Southern Swamp, Termina. I would also be a Deku Royal Knight...... Oh wait....... That's already all true!:lol:


Not all those who wander are lost...
Oct 8, 2011
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Name: Dago, love child of Darunia.
Race: Goron
Location: Death Mountain (Ocarina of Time's Hyrule)
Role: Love child of Darunia. Darunia left my mother and I for a Gerudo theif. Mom wants me to pretend to want a relationship with him; her main goal is that I dig up some dirt on the old Goron and ruin his reputation.
Relationship with Link: Link once helped me fix a wagon wheel. Funny, I've not seen that guy in seven years. He's a pretty awesome guy, but doesn't say much. And what is with that hat?


Destroyer of Destruction
Sep 28, 2011
Probably in my room.
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(I don't know XD)

Name: Raith
Race: Hylian
Occupation: Assassin
Home: Hyrule, has three hideouts located in the Gerudo Desert, Faron Woods, and some cave in Hyrule Field (TP setting)
Age: 28
Alias: the Scarlet Blade
Relationship with Link: (Enemy-Ally) Hateful enemies in the beginning, as Link gets in the way of some of his 'jobs'. As they meet several times he begins to respect Link for his courage and skill. After some time he finds himself saving Link's life.

More info coming soon. :)
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Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
NAME: Chiki
RACE: Kokiri
LOCATION: Kokiri Forest and/or Lost Woods (A later version of these)
Direct ancestor of Oracle of secrets, Farore. Early in Link's quest he must obtain ancient information written down in Farore's secret book a.k.a. Farore's Memory. Being her ancestor, the book has been passed down through the generations, and trough all the wear and tear of the years, I still own a few tattered pages with info link needs. This is when we first meet. Link and I bear a striking resemblance to each other, though there are differences. I have a natural talent for all instruments. I often venture near Castle town outside the castle (we kokiri now know that we wont die if we leave the forest, though most stay there anyways) without being seen and play my harp. One day princess zelda heard the music and saw me out the window. She knows me as "the musical little fairy boy outside her window". Later in the game Link returns to learn an important song from me. After he learns it we realize he has accidentally lead some evil minions to the peaceful forest, so to prevent them tearing apart our home searching for link, i sacrifice myself and let them abduct me thinking i'm link because we look so similar. YEAH


The Juror of Courage
Oct 25, 2009
Wherever the winds take me.
I usually go with myself in these kinda things (especially since I'd love to be in Hyrule).

Name: Alex
Race: Human/Hyrulean
Home: Hyrule Castle, Hyrule (ALTTP)
Role: Ally of Link, knight of Hyrule (possibly of the Trooper class, I like their armor)
Relation to Main Cast: Friend of Link's (left Hyrule prior to Agahnim incident on a mission), Defender of Royal Family

Prior to the events of ALTTP, Alex was sent out by the King of Hyrule to seek one who could quell the disasters happening to Hyrule. He and his regiment went far, but were unsuccessful. Upon returning just outside Hyrule, a passerby told Alex and his men of recent tidings; maidens disappearing, knights going mad, rumors of the king's death. Alex was at a quandry. On one hand, if he didn't return to Hyrule, things could get worse. On the other, if he went in, he and his men might fall under the wizard's spell, possibly causing more harm than good. One of his best men decided to risk it, and almost fell under the spell himself, but managed to escape and hide under one of the bridges in Hyrule.
Once events returned to normalcy, Alex felt ashamed that he was unable to do anything to aide his kingdom. But Princess Zelda forgave him and even commended him for sparing the lives of his men with his last minute decision. To this day, Alex remains a loyal soldier for Hyrule, and a good friend of the now hero, Link.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
What would be your name?
Hmm...there are many possible names, but I would want to pick one most appropriate to the setting of Ocarina of Time. A name like "Kelly" doesn't seem to pair up with the scenery and the setting. If my character is male, I choose "Siegfried". If female, "Amy".

What is your species?

Definitely a Hylian.

Where do you live? What province or village?
I live in Hyrule, I want to say I live in the Kokiri Forest but the prospect of being surrounded by children, Mido no less, doesn't sound too well. Eh, Hyrule Castle.

Are you an ally, enemy, rival or someone who chills in the background?

Enemy of someone who chills in the background. It's always the lurkers who get the most, and have the weirdest twists.

What's your relationship with Link or Zelda?
With Link: supporting character, aids Link in many ways, fights alongside Link and also a sort of mentor. Slightly older (by months).
With Zelda: brother/sister, protects Zelda from all harm [even going so far to defeat Father in battle, temporarily incapacitating him], also a sort of hairdresser and advises fashion so as to make the Princess fit in with commoners.

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