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If you was stranded on a island


Feb 14, 2016
The Sea

but let me remind you that statistics are not always accurate.

Found a buddy comedy starring your answer:

So just because someone is from the South, that means they can't be proper or speak proper English?


Never said they, as humans, couldn't be proper. They'd still be inferior humans, that much is obvious, but they could still be proper. I only commented upon their abuse of the English language.

And they could speak proper English with lots and lots of training or infinite time or reality...but Monkeys could also write Hamlet if those are the limits. My point being, it isn't really worth trying to teach them how to English.

Misty your prejudice is showing:right:. Also even if someone speak improper English, that still shouldn't devalue that's person's character.


I know, I'm trying to speak a language the south understands right now. I know they don't understand the English language. However, my research indicates prejudice translates almost immediately.

As for it devaluing their character, I don't really see how it couldn't. The ability to articulate thoughts is a primary virtue in a social species. Not having that virtue indicates a recklessness of character, slothful habits, and an overall selfish nature. Thus, I really do think it is quite obvious to everyone that lack of proper language use devalues a person's character.

In this case, DM was already at rock bottom, but his use of yall and saying "real" in place of "really" put him over the edge to persona non gratas.

Oh I see, so you was after his heart all along. That makes perfect sense;).


Making uncomfortable comments again are we? Didn't learn your lesson yet about that?

No problem, anytime^^. Nah, I said what I have to say. No hard feelings and all that jazz:cool:. It was um interesting picking your brain to say the least:mellow:. So um have a good one I guess.



Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
*Carefully walks around all the memes, anime, and suspected sexual tension*

My team would be composed of the very greatest members this website has to offer when it comes to survival.

In_time - We may be on the island for years, so we'll need someone to unnecessarily explain the origins of certain plants, berries and other entities we find on the island.
Deus - He'll be our berry tester, and he better eated the purples berries.
Vanessa28 - Naturally I'll be the leader of the group but Vanessa will make a good second in command, plus I know I'll be able to entrust her with beating the naughty members of the group.
Jamie, Tristan, Bok choy - We'll need to populate our island so these three lovers will be our little baby factory.
JC - He'll be the angst yet cool member that distances himself from the group, choosing to live separately from the rest of us. Members of the group will go to him in times of need for his wisdom.
Night Owl - I've always wanted a pet owl.
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Feb 14, 2016
The Sea
for those of you curious @Misty has quarter turkey blood^^

By which you mean German. God, your language is silly. When the context is bloodlines, turkey means German. But when you're talking about the need for turkey rights, you're actually talking about those ugly birds. The south really needs to just stop using the word turkey in place of German, carrot, maroon, soldier, and crumpet.


Passive aggressive custom rank B)
Dec 3, 2014
Dancin'-a-go-go, baby
-drops in from e-life elsewhere for ~break~ at ZD-

Stranded on an island eh? OK well I would take @Dan with me because I feel he has strategic powers in knowing where we should build a coconut tree house. I base this assumption on my butt.

I will take @Deus with me because I feel he would know how to spear a wild boar and make fire from rubbing sticks together.

I will take @Vanessa28 because I feel she would know how to control the weather like Storm from X-Men.

I will take @Triforce King because he is the Triforce King and I feel this would be very useful in this situation.

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