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If You Had the Choice to Be Immortal, Would You Take It?

Would you choose to be immortal?

  • No.

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You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
No. It is a curse. Now, before you say I need to see a shrink because I'm depressed, think about what I'm about to say.
Life itself is a curse. I enjoy the feelings of being alive, but I also know that life is a pain. Everyday, I feel thousands of emotions that are hard to deal with. It hurts to watch the people you care about get hurt or die. You feel love for those who are in you life. Our entire beings are ruled by emotion. And when you die, you still feel emotion. But, when you die, the pain goes away, and you can come to terms with past regrets. Death can be a blessing in disguise.

Now imagine living forever, you're emotions still intact. You would have to watch the people you care about die over and over again, and you would never be able to join them. And the raw emotion would, in the end, tear you apart inside.

So, no. Immortality is not my idea of a good time. And eventually, everyone dies. Death can not be escaped.

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