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If You Had a Time Machine, What Would You Do?


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
I would go back in time and try to stop some of the things I did in the past. I would also stop myself from doing all that that stupid stuff that I did on ZD.
May 16, 2010
Middle of Nowhere, PA
Theoretically it is impossible to travel back in time. Time's river only flows forward. If i could get into a time machine that is capable of going back in time, somehow, i would go back in time. The butterfly effect is a terrible thing, but it won't really affect much if you know what you're doing and look at all the minor details.

I'm not really sure how i would go about this, but i would travel back to 2006. Since we have many cats that have spawned from our original cat, i would like to get my cat fixed. The multiplication of cats is what caused my family's downfall and i believe if i can somehow change that, things would be a whole lot better.

The sad thing is that if i were to successfully change this, i would end up in a parallel universe.

Another thing i would consider is hanging with some old friends and tie together some loose ends before moving. I felt as though i left my old friends on bad terms and every time i visit them, they just give me the cold shoulder treatment.


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Aug 18, 2012
In your pants.
I'd go, say, a thousand years into the future, see what it's like.

I wouldn't want to go into the past, because we already know roughly what happened back then.


Cucco Butt
Jun 5, 2012
I'd go back and stop all the stuff I never wanted to happen. Like my Wind Waker game getting scratched up. I really miss that game. :(


Jan 14, 2013
Ente Isla
Nothing....I believe things happen for a reason.....sure a lot of bad stuff has happen that I would love to change, but I wouldn't.....because you might accidently make someone not be born, or something really important might not get invented......I might travel like 500 years to the future for like a minute and just see what it's like.
I kinda feel the same way, but I'd still go back in time. I'd go to the Shot Heard 'Round the World to find out exactly who ordered "Fire!" (because to this day, no one knows for sure who said it) and tell no one.

I'm kind of a troll that way.


Why did the humans attack
Apr 5, 2012
Well, I must be somewhere!
Lol I probably wouldn't do anything with it either. Things happen for a reason, and going in the past could screw something up. Going in the future could make you depressed about the world you live in right now. Who knows lol!

Igos du Ikana

Oct 13, 2012
Nothing, there's too much that you would end up losing. Like say I went back and made my old man not leave, how different would my life right now be? There's way too many variables for me to justify it.


Fulcrum Agent
Feb 14, 2010
I would go to all of the crucial events in history and just watch.

(My point of view of time travel is that time travel is a part of time, it was meant to happen, meaning there is no change or ripple effect. It's just already there.)

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