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If You Had a Time Machine, What Would You Do?

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Oh man, there's so many things I would want to do.
See the creation of the universe, my own future (but avoid all paradoxes because those don't end too well), ancient human history (especially ancient egypt and greece yessssss) and then maybe just hang around in some other times when all my favorite actors were my age:right:

mostly just a lot of timey, wimey stuff. i'd want to see a whole lot.
and depending on whether this time machine also travels in space or not, i'd take off and go live on another planet or try to see as much of the universe as i possibly could, because hey, we've got pretty short lives and there's a heck of a lot to see out there.

i love both the TARDIS and the Delorean as time machines c: a vortex manipulator would be useful, too.
May 5, 2012
In the land of no return :D
I would go back to December 31st 2004 and tell the surgeon that did my surgery that day exactly what's wrong and how to fix it so he wouldn't have made the mistake he made.....

because now today, I've already had 1 surgery to scope through and look around, and in the process of trying to get another surgery (or 2 more don't know yet) for reconstructive surgery to correct what should've been fixed then...

and now thanks to the Dr I can't enjoy a romantic intimacy with my husband nor have kids of my own :(

so if I had a time machine. I would most certainly go back to fix that.

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
I would take my time machine, I would use it to break through dimensional barriers, to get to the Zelda time line and prevent the OoT triple split.
Or maybe I'd use it to learn about the past and be careful not to interfere.

My favorite time machine is likely the TARDiS.
While not too ingrained in time machine lore, I'd likely boot up H.G. Well's good ol' machine and travel to the inception of human conflict. Where and when that is, I know not but it would most certainly be a justified end.

Human conflict has led to nothing but suffering and misery over the centuries whether this was ignited from border disputes, religious conflict, or competition for control of economic resources. Many innocent bystanders have lost their lives in the crossfire and continue to do so to this day. Why? Why are humans so destructive? By tracing the origin of conflict, a better world could be formed, a genuine utopia. While this is nothing but a pipe dream, it's certainly a strong desire.


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
I would go back 30 minutes and say hi to the Ginger chick in choir.

I will to it tomorrow so It can stop killing me


Jul 1, 2012
If You Had a Time Machine Where Would You Go and Why?

Dont think I've seen a thread like this so anyway.....

If you somehow got a hold of a time machine where would go amd why, it could be to go back and revisit past memories, change events in your life or you could go to the future!

I like the thought of not knowing my future as I believe in fate and all, so I would probably go back to my childhood and just generally enjoy being a kid again :) As a kid you had no worries and you weren't under this stereotypical image of today and you could just do anything without a care in the world and not be judged!
don't go to the future you might step on a bug or kill a dinosaur, then where would we be? It'd be madness I tell you!

If I had a time machine I'd totally go to the future. But I'd hope for either of two things; 1. seeing the world in a post apocalyptic state after people have died out and the structures have started to crumble <3 2. Seeing an awesome utopian future like the setting for Ghost in The Shell where i could put my consciousness into any shell/body i wanted and be what i felt comfortable in. <3 I'd never come back either.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
don't go to the future you might step on a bug or kill a dinosaur, then where would we be? It'd be madness I tell you!
I'd imagine it'd already be madness if there were dinosaurs in the future =O

If I had a time machine I would only use it to go back a day at most, to correct really stupid things I did but don't realize are really stupid until the day after. I'm sure everyone has moments like that lol. Going back further than a day and risk messing things up horrendously butterfly effect style sounds terrifying.

Unless, say, the time machine has an option to make you invisible/intangible for the duration of time you are outside of your own timeline, so you could only observe and not interact, then BOY would that be fun. Honestly, I'd just want to go back to random historical eras just to see what life was like back then so that my mental image of the past would no longer involve artistic renditions or faded black and white photographs, you know?


Jun 19, 2010
A few thousand years into the future. It would be absolutely amazing to see what the world would be like, and what man has achieved, unless they died off or an apocalypse happened, which would suck.

Going just a little bit back or forward to correct a mistake or some other minor reason just seems like a waste to me. Imagine being able to go thousand of years into the past or future. Maybe even a million years, or a billion. You could go back to Precambrian time, back when the Earth was brand-new. You could go to Colonial America and actually see history in the making, or even meet historical figures like George Washington. That's just the past. Imagine all of the possibilities with the future.
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Dec 17, 2012
As a historian, this is practically impossible to answer, but these are the first two things that spring to mind.

The 16 year old military history nerd that will forever occupy part of my subconscious would beg to see the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, Napoleon's greatest victory.

With a gun to my head, I'd probably pick 1762, the year Rousseau published The Social Contract. They say you should never meet your heroes, but I would feel compelled to try as his writings have greatly influenced how I view and interpret the world around me.


Apr 22, 2011
The future; my lifelong dream has always been and always will be to take a step on an exo-planet and meet other life forms (really depressed sometimes because I know I'll never be able to do this ;__;). So maybe a jump of about a thousand years in the future when we've reached interstellar travel and colonized some systems (hopefully). Basically at a point in time where I can get a nice little space ship and explore the galaxy, maybe take a drink on Gliese 581g or lift some weights with my alien buddy Steve in the Alpha Centauri system.


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