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If You Could Rename Yourself...


The Sexy One
Aug 18, 2012
In your pants.
I like my name. Everyone calls me Joy, because that's the name my mother wanted to give me and so that's what she calls me. But my name on my birth certificate is actually Lola. I think Lola is cute.

Snow Queen

Mannceaux Signature Collection
Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
I have a lot of suggestions.

1. Bananashoe
2. Jafar
3. Pikapi
4. Link
5. Bill
6. Silverthehordgeherrrg
7. You
8. Me

Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
I personally like mine. Jonathon doesn't seem unique, but mine has that distinctive "two O's" whereas most people with the same sounding name have is spelled Jonathan, with two A's.

If I was gonna go with something different I'd probably use under used ones like Cyrus or Simon just cause they're really low key but classy. Still, mine is the absolute best :D

Heroine of Time

Rest in peace, Paris Caper...
Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
While my name isn't unique or interesting or even the kind of name I'd ever pick, I wouldn't change it if I had the opportunity. I've been called this all my life; why would I want to change all of a sudden? And it's not like I hate my real name.

If I HAD to... Gosh, I don't know. I really like soft, elegant-sounding names, especially those that are unique names with common or short nicknames. Some ideas are Clarissa, Alliana, or Kaylia. But I've used all those for characters in my stories, soooo... maybe a name that means something? Like Hope or Tranquility...


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
Pan-decepticon-transdeliberate-selfidentifying-sodiumbased-extraexistential-temporal anomaly
I wouldn't because I like my given name, but if I did I'd be Derick or Kevin. Dunno why I just like the sound of em. And I like names that cannot be shortened.

Luke's Wife

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Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
I'd name myself Jugenmujugenmugokonosurikekaiaiusugesugematsufunfaimatsufunraimatsukurunetokoronisumiyapparikojiyappankojibaibobaibobaiboshuringashuringanugurindaiguindainobomboribombonanojoukyuumechouske.

no but fo realz I'd rename myself probably Alice or Amelia
I like Hollie but idk too many people spell it wrong like jesus christo


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Dec 17, 2012
no but fo realz I'd rename myself probably Alice or Amelia
I like Hollie but idk too many people spell it wrong like jesus christo


I'd go with something more unique... my name was one of the most popular name for boys the year I was born. If I ever become an author, I'll probably go with my middle name to distinguish myself.


Is FINALLY out of school!
Mar 16, 2012
Foeba, my town in Animal Crossing
I personally HATE & love my name at the same time, Koren(Kor-rin). Why do I hate it? Because I have so many problems with my spelling. So many teacher think its a typo & think its Karen or Kevin :dry:. Then they pronounce it like Karen or Korn, or Karine or Korine. This has been happening my whole life. I got so tired of it, I kept changing my name on online sites. The only good thing about it is that I never met another person with my name & everyone who knows how to pronounce it thinks its a pretty name. If I had the chance to change my name, it either be my sister's name, Sydney, or Elise. Coincidentally, my parents & my sister have the same problem. Me & my sis even like each other's names more than our own.

Jiggly Jaws

Who is This Guy?
Apr 7, 2013
Way on down South
My name is also unique. I don't think I will ever change it.

However, if I did have a change of heart, I would rename myself Dante. That name is awesome.


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I never really liked my name, Sydney. I'd probably change it to something like Nikki or Sabrina. Hell, maybe even Stana. :right:

Donut Sage said:
I hate my name with a passion. If I could change it, I'd rename myself Mikado Ryugamine.

Brb, changing my name to Anri Sonohara so we can be a couple BFFs. :bleh:
Nov 24, 2012
Probably roleplaying
My name is all right--it's pleasant, but not the best way to describe myself. If I could reame myself, I'd rename myself Anira Harkins, after my avatar character.

Wait you're unfamiliar with my wacky lingo?

avatar character(A-vuh-tawr ker-uhk-tur)n., a character designed specifically to mirror its creator in personality, such that a creator can place themselves in a story without breaking the "fourth wall".
Explanation of why I love Anira so dang much:
Anira first appeared in a Zelda fancomic I never finished. Essentially, Ganondorf found and killed Zelda long after Link's defeat, but not his demise. As the last of the royal bloodline, Zelda should ahve given the Triforce to Ganondorf, but instead it breaks all laws of the universe in a paradoxical and perhaps sacred exception to fall into the hands of a girl in modern society on Earth--Anira. She's basically me, but supposedly the bloodline of Hylia carried over into our dimension. She has no idea about her bloodline or the Triforce for a while in. She meets a runaway boy with the spirit of the Hero, you guessed it, Link, and recognizing him as who he is(yes, she's a mega-huge Zelda freak, just like me :3) she becomes quickly entwined in her true destiny--of returning to Hyrule as the monarch and guiding Link on his quest to save it from Ganondorf's wrath once again. Here's why I love her--she gets mortally wounded twice, the last time she almost die, but she insists on accompanying Link when he almost dies against Ganondorf, who successfully takes the Triforce of Courage form him. She even figures out how to break the diamond barrier things--a light arrow form the inside. She worries too much and is way too persistent, but she has all my assets and twice my meager courage in the comic.
Other than that, she's the Sylph of Void in a Homestuck RP, where she's a lot more like myself in that she hates risks.

Laslty, I just love the name Anira. I made it up. Why else did you think I'd name my AC that?

If not Anira Harkins, then Alexandra Farther. I get people asking me if my name is Alexandra all the time, and I'm kinda sick of it. Farther sounds cool. Alexandra Farther is to be my "stage name".


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
I quite like my name, so I would never thing about changing it. But if I had to change it I would probably go with Primm Slim. Because nothing says awesome like having the same name as a cowboy robot.


*~German Sparkle Party~*
Aug 28, 2012
I like my name. Rowan. People spell it wrong all the time, though. (Roen. Rowen. Rowin.) I'm named after the Rowan Tree, or Mountain Ash.
If I had to change my name, I'd change it to Brooke, Robyn, or something else natural-ish. Crystal. As for my last name, I'd go for my mother's maiden name, even though people would absolutely tease me about it. For personal reasons, I am keeping both my last names to myself. Only Zeldaameture12, Zant 1, OOT Link and The Triforce know my name, because they know me in real life.

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