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If you could pick any game to get a remake or remaster, which one would you pick?


The Insane One
Dec 21, 2012
Sitting on the other side of the screen
FS/FSA - I'd love to see brought to the switch with an offline multiplayer where 4 joy cons could be used to control each Link and an online multiplayer/ Even a "Battle Mode" where different stages are unlocked as you progress through the game(s)

PH and ST - Also a Switch remake. Mainly a graphic upgrade. As for ST, I can only wonder how they'd, Nintendo, would implement the whistle.


The Resting Sun
Sep 9, 2019
I would easily pick Skies of Arcadia to get a remake. It's already my 2nd most favorite game of all time, and I would love love love for it to get remade with HD graphics, improved sound quality, a revamped battle system (since I love the game but man, it's battle system is kinda broken as-is, lol) and increased difficulty. It'd be amazing for so many people get the opportunity to experience the game for themselves, and if ends up on the Switch that's an added bonus, lol.
Oct 13, 2013
Castlevania - Nintendo 64

I think this game remade or a new 3D Castlevania game would be amazing.
It's still one of my favourite Nintendo 64 games. A surprise as I really don't like the 2D Castlevania games.
I still don't get why this game had a deluxe version (of sorts) released after the fact.

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