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If You Could Have One Wish...


Needz Moar.... Zelda, NAO
Jul 8, 2009
Duh, I'd wish for world domination... no... universal domination... no.. galactic domination... no.. um.. whats after galactic... well whatever it is.. I want dominance of that... and I'll be a good dominator.. Just every now and then I'll make Nintendo make another Zelda game... and of course pay them a very large sum of money for my fix. And also.. I wouldn't allow war.. and if someone killed someone else, I'd kill them... and all products would be equal.... It wouldn't be 1 dollar for a soda in, say, Texas, then for that same soda it's a 1.50 in another state.. that annoys me..

Also, I'd get rid of the idea of a diamond being WORTH any thing.. sure they are pretty I guess, if you're into that kind of thing. But it isn't worth 1000 dollars for something that is smaller than my pinky nail. I mean, the only reason it is worth as much as it is.. worth being a very loose phrase, is because the other 1 trillion diamonds are locked in a vault in order to bring up price.

Also... I'd demand some kind of alien technology from another galaxy since I'll be ruling them too.. that'd be about it.


Remember the name
Jun 29, 2009
ShellShocker said:
If I couldn't do that, I'd use my wish to make the girl I like, like me! >.<
She doesn't really notice me at all, it's annoying!

the same thing happens to me and i feel ya! i would want the ability to create any weapon(mostly just swords) i draw on paper. if thats not aloud then i would want to travel between dimensions.


Sage of Tales
I would wish for a world in which everyone *genuinely* cared about one another - down to the very last person. That means sociopathy would be eliminated, as well as greed (other than that small amount of greed that reminds people to take care of themselves and keeps them alive, but you know what I mean, survival instinct would be intact, but utter take-from-others-and-screw-them-over would be GONE). If my wish for the world came true, everyone would respect one another and there would be no need for money. It would be a world without property, a world of sharing, but unlike attempts to force that on mankind throughout history, it would come about through a genuine *desire to* on the part of everyone - everyone would care, everyone would love. In short, the very nature of mankind itself would be changed.

I would give myself an "unselfish wish" as a lot of people have done to counter their "altruistic wish," but in this case, from my perspective, this is both. I am *constantly* dissapointed that the world is not the way I want it to be and I think it contributes to (if it is not, in fact, the main source of) my depression. To wish for a caring world would give me a lot of personal fulfillment, and thus, while benefiting the entirety of existance, also qualifies as a bit of selfishness on my part.


IF I could hav any super power in would be the ability to control water at will


The King
Aug 18, 2009
I would wish to have magic powers or something like that. :D

...Or to have all the money I want. :) ...To buy all the Zelda games! lol :lol:


Guy What's Angry Now
May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
^ ^ ^ Yes at that. Flying would be AWESOME and I want to fly.

Other than that, unrestricted shapeshifting ability would be great, too. Shift into a bird to fly, a titanium statue to be invulnerable, fire to resist physical attack, and... other things.
Jan 3, 2009
Every game on the Virtual console and WiiWare and Earthbound. Though, to do that I would have to put that on a piece of paper, and tell the wish-granter that I want everything on the list.


My mom says im cool...
Aug 29, 2008
I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to wear a shirt thats been ironed.


I would wish to be able to warp reality whenever and however I wanted to. I could make life itself into a mere game where you could start over and had several lives, or possibly make everyone able to have superpowers or somethin' like that.


Feb 25, 2010
i would wish for the ability to chage into any animal at will. i could be flying one minute, swimming, and then be able to be underground. it would be amazing.


A Frog
Feb 19, 2010
on my bean bag...
I would wish to teleport myself to wherever I want. It includes taking whoever I want with me. I could make a travel agency and there would be less pollution in the world.

Deleted member 6224

i would have macig powers so i can wish for watever i want


The Knight of the Wind
Jul 3, 2010
I would wish to have the power to change the world the way I wanted it. (Everyone gets eveything...mansions and robot servants are in the package.)

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