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General Zelda If You Could Get Rid of a Single Enemy in Each Zelda Game, What Would It Be?

Mar 28, 2013
I consider myself to be a Zelda veteran, and therefore I believe my assumptions here to be very reasonable choices for very good reasons. It's well worth the read.

Zelda 1: Peahats, the entire concept of having to wait around for an enemy to land is stupid and maddening.

Zelda 2: Maus, these stupid things enter the screen, shoot a fireball, go down, shoot a fireball, go up, and repeat the process over and over again, usually in locations that make them the most irritating enemy of all time.

ALTTP: Chain Chomp, why these guys are even in a Zelda game is beyond me. You don't see Moblins in Mario.

OOT: Dead Hand, he's such a boring enemy to kill, for the same reasons I don't like Peahats from Zelda 1. What's the use of him doing nothing but creeping along with his head way up in the air? Perhaps he was Nintendo'a attempt to seem creepy and scary, but to me he looks and behaves like an absolute tool.

MM: Dexihand, because their frigin weirdos.

TP: Ghoul Rat, because the first time I remember encountering them, I thought my game was glitching out and malfunctioning big time. It took me several times restarting the game and system before I realized what was going on.

Skyward Sword: Remlit, I don't understand Nintendo's recent infatuation with traumatizing kids with having cats that turn on you, and not to mention attacking it until it whines, and than allowing you to keep attacking it to support your sadomasochistic needs. It has by far have to be one of the most disturbing things Nintendo has let fans away with in the Zelda franchise.
Mar 28, 2013
Perhaps I chose my words dramatically and inaccurate in that matter. I still believe the concept to still be a disturbing thing included in a Zelda game.

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