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If You Could Customize Your Loftwing...

Oct 1, 2010
Color: Lime Green, but with a white belly
Talking: Nope
Size: Normal Loftwing size
Speed: Super fast, it can get annoying traversing the sky later in the game
Name: I'd probly go with something mythological....Maybe Icarus


All I want is Wii friends
Apr 9, 2012
San Antonio
mine would be
KOKIRI GREEN with a white belly
everything else can be the same as the crimson loftwing except her name would be Heidi.


Sage of Tales
I would like a custom Loftwing that resembles a vulture or an eagle a little bit more than Loftwings in the game. She would have a dangerous curved beak, sharp red eyes and black body-feathers. The wing-tips would be shining gold. The riding-strap I'd put on her would be made of strung-together bones, hollowed vetebrae that ended in a chest-plate made from the skull of a horned monster, something dragon-like or perhaps like the skull of an Ordon goat.

I imagine the Skyloft Knights would mistake me riding my Loftwing for an enemy riding a monster every now and again.

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