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If You Could Create a Boss

Feb 5, 2011
I'm surprised I never saw this in the forums. Or maybe I'm wrong and its older than my search through the forums.
Let's use our fanfiction ideas once again and do something fun. Let's say Nintendo was putting up a little contest of designing a boss for a future Zelda game, what are your ideas? Is it a re-occurring boss like Ghirahim or just a one time boss like, well, every other boss?
Let me start.

Name of Boss (Includes the boss subtitles, which I like)
Dungeon or Re-occurring
First and second forms: If one is added
Weapon best useful against

Corrupt Knight Giloten
Re-ocurrring, 3 times before finally dying.
A former knight of Hyrule who grew vengeful out of jealousy and feelings of betrayal and losing his family (basically and expy of Kratos). Obsessed with revenge, he sells his soul and gain a dark armor that grows stronger with every feeling of hate and anger he goes through. He acts as Link's main adversary for a good portion. Like Ghirahim, he learns and grows each time you fave him.
The sword and shield.

Feel free to add more than one. I might.
Aug 1, 2011
Kalamazoo, MI
Three words:


But seriously, here's how it goes:
The Great Sky Scorpion
Note: battle occurs on the top of a tower.
Acarios first dive bombs at you. After dodging, you have to hookshot him and pull him off course into a turret. Then you swing your sword at his weak spot (naturally). After doing this a few times, Acarios flies above you and tries stinging you. You have to hookshot his stinger and climb up his tail to get on his back. Once there, you stab the base of his wings to bring him down and expose his weak point again. In the next stage, his wings are to damaged to fly, so he tries to use them to blow you off the tower and uses his pincers to protect his weak point. You have to hookshot his tail as he flaps his wings to keep from being blown off. When he stops, he'll pull you with his tail. Once you let go, he'll flip over and be exposed. The last time he flips over, he falls over the tower. In a cut scene, Link walks to the edge to see and gets grabbed by Acarios. You have to break free, however, this ends up making both of you fall, and Acarios is still trying to kill you (got to admire his persistence). You have a limited time to hookshot his tail again and climb back to his weak point to hit him one last time.

Haven't figured out how you're supposed to survive the fall, but it's still awesome.
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Wisdom Triforce

Call of duty FTL (spits)
The Consumer of Worlds.
Link has just defeated dark link and restored peace to hyrule and stoped a great evil from being created or so he thought. The boss comes from the sky and is a giant ball of darkness. Then the battle starts. It is first like zant defeating a different form of him like every boss you have faced. Once that is over he was stalling you and had already started to do what his name implies. All of the citizens of hyrule castle town including the castle are consumed. Link needs the power of the whole triforce and summons it from zelda and ganon, ganon being previosly defeated. Than when he gains the triforce everything goes to white. Link finds himself in a lone feild across from him is a completely dark feild with a man sitting in it. Link could clearly see the triforce on his hand aswell and link suddenly realized it was himself, dark link. You fight a sword battle with him where if one of you gets enouph hits you can use the power of one of the three sections of the triforce. Power giving 8times the damage. Wisdom making link be able to break dark links defenses. Courage giving link completely restored health. Dark link can also use the dark triforce for the same power. Also every so often you can combine the three to use a very powerful attack not sure what it should be but it would be epic. This battle actually goes on for 20 minutes average player time then you defeat dark link but he was tied to closely to link and link dies. Only to be reborn later without a shadow following him. Hyrule castle is destroyed and a new age will have to bergin a age of new hyrule. FULL OF TINGLE jkjk
P.S.: Morochnide was a mix of dark link and of the dark triforce.


Weapon of a Lifetime
Nov 2, 2011
Fractured Guard Batreaux

Fractured Guard
Only appears in one dungeon. In his first form all you see is his hand.(Note:he's a giant). After dodging a few flicks and slaps he punches, if you stand in the right spot some boulders fall on his hand. His gauntlet will fall off his hand is a skeleton so theres no weak spot. You have to place a bomb near his hand, if you do this three times then his other hand comes out, it's pretty much the same but now he could do a grab that throws you at the wall and gives you 3 hearts of damage(2from the squeezing, one from the wall). It's pretty easy to dodge though. After you take his hands out its revealed he has four arms. He stands up grabs his swords and a shield, his small attack is slashing his sword, it does two and a half hearts of damage. His medium attack is a shield bash it does a hefty 4 hearts of damage, but it's easy to dodge. Now his exposing attack does a great damage of....one hit kill. You have about 3 seconds to react so...think fast. He headbutts you exposing his eye, after going through that 3 times he falls back and gives you a heart container and the triforce of power. Like it?

Jedi Link

Use The Triforce
Jul 9, 2011
Fighting for my life in the Hunger Games
This boss only sppears once. In the first phase of the battle, you must hookshot onto it's tail and slash it's wings to make it unable to fly. Next it will attack you wih fire and its claws until you can get the dragon to flip over (by using bombs or runinng around in circles so it falls over, confused and exhausted) revealing it's weak spot (a diamond on it's belly) Do this repeatedly until it charges at you and you must jump onto it's head and deliver the final blow by stabbing it in the forehead. In the death cutscene, Zentar catches on fire and burns until it is just a dragon skeleton.
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