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If Nintendo Bought Vigil Games

A few days have passed since THQ's dissolution and no company has bought Vigil Games thus far. The only reassurance thus far is Platinum Games stating over Twitter that they would be glad to accept members from Vigil Games to possibly man the Darksiders franchise.

After browsing through comments on another site, however, an equally intriguing possibility came to mind. What if Nintendo purchased Vigil Games and helped create Darksiders III? The Big N has been criticized for lacking mature IPs of its own and Ninty's experience with Action-Adventure games especially Zelda lends itself nicely to the plight of the horsemen.

Would Darksiders prosper under Nintendo or is this a development you would rather not see?
Nov 26, 2008
Hmm... I agree with JJ in part that Nintendo basically has little use for Darksiders. It would broaden the M-rated lineup of the Wii U, but there are other games for that. It would be extra money, but given the series' financial issues lately, it wouldn't necessarily look like an attractive buy from a marketing standpoint.

Nintendo buying it would be very cool, and I think most of us would agree it would be a dream come true in so many ways, especially since they already used Darksiders II during the marketing of the Wii U, but I guess I'm just highly skeptical they would. Which is unfortunate because, as much as I like games like Bayonetta, I'd have much more hope for Nintendo preserving the Darksiders franchise than I do for Platinum. Somehow I'm worried that if Platinum buys it, they're just going to interpret Darksiders as little more than an action game. It has more elements than that. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but... I dunno.

I hope Darksiders does well, whoever buys it. And someone better buy it, damn it!


Apr 19, 2009
Then we would be forced to play Darksiders III on an inferior nintendo console, and what's more we'd be tricked into buying 'Darksiders 3DS!'

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