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If Link Had a Pet

Jul 22, 2011
what if link had a pet what would his name be what pet would it be cat dog what you think please comment and reply

mr luigi dude

i think a dog and i think he would be called rupee


Feb 7, 2011
Hunting with my wolf and cheetah.
In a way, Link already has a pet and her name is Epona. :)

I don't know what pet he'd have. Probably a dog, to help him rescue the princess. Maybe a cat to help him relax afterwards. Either way, I bet it's a girl named Zelda.
Feb 23, 2011
Link kinda has a pet pig in the Wind Waker, well, a pig named after him. I guess Epona would apply here as well.

However, I don't like to see Navi as Link's "pet"; it just doesn't seem right. It sounds messed up on SO many levels...
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harda toenail

In OoT, when Talon retakes the ranch and you beat the challenge from Malon, your new pet is a cow.

So link actually had a pet that was a cow.


When in doubt, mumble.
Dec 22, 2011
I liked the pet chick (baby cuckoo) that link had in the Oracle of Seasons manga. It was a great wee story with those two and I have ever since thought that a Cuckoo would be the best pet ;)
Dec 19, 2011
He should have a giant dog. That can insta kill enemies when he sits on them. His name would be killer.

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