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Majora's Mask If Fierce Deity Link Played an Instrument...

Sep 4, 2011
No, a deku is a little too shabby for him, Biggoron or a giant would fit better :lol:
very scary, especially if you read this post fast..... the FD would just tell Link to play his Ocarina or else he will
sit on him Link: :( Fierce Diety: ;)


Horizon Walker
Aug 3, 2009
Interesting topic. Hmm, nothing immediately comes to my mind as an obvious choice.. I'm thinking some sort of ocarina would be a likely candidate, as others have suggested. For some reason I'm also feeling an electric keyboard would work, but I think that might be because his color scheme and design is fantastical enough to remind me a bit of the covers of some Yes and Asia albums, and the electric keyboard is just something I associate with those bands, although it's not the main instrument.

Wait, no, a sax! Yes. FD Link totes plays the saxophone. Or a harmonica. I'm thinking bluesy sounds for him for some reason. :P

Mr Fish

i reckon a multi neck guitar. If jimmy page looked awesome playing one of these, fierce deity would just look epic



King of Fire
Sep 16, 2011
United States
In my opinion, I don't think he'd play a guitar of any sort. Most of the time, Legend of Zelda instruments are windblown. If you don't believe me, look at Twilight Princess' grass, Ocarina of Time/Majoras'('s?) Mask's ocarina, Wind Waker's wind baton (he controlled the winds), Spirit Track's pipe flute... If it was up to me, I'd pick one of two choices:

1. Whip out his sword and somehow be able to play it.
2. Whistle like Impa.

Really, I think it's #2 more than #1.


I definitely would have liked to see him with multiple racks of keyboards and synths. Epic instrument for an epic link.
Dec 4, 2011
He snaps his fingers. Not in tune with anything, he just snaps them once and whatever effect he's going for is what happens.

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