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Bowsette Plus-Ultra

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Mar 23, 2013
So, I started playing Cookie Clicker on a whim recently. It's a fairly simple game in concept: click on a big cookie, produce more cookies, and buy upgrades that allow for you to produce more cookies without having to click on your one big cookie. I've always looked at the genre as something kind of benign and nonthreatening—a non game in a world filled with much more interactive examples of the medium.

But now that I've started clicking the cookie, I've been playing Cookie Clicker on the regular. I like leaving it open in the background while I mostly interact with something a little more complicated. I've left my computer on while at work so I can efficiently generate cookies while doing other stuff.

I've become the cookie clicker.

So, how does everyone else here feel about idle games? What do you think of the genre? If you play them, what sort of games in the idle genre do you enjoy?

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