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Breath of the Wild Idea for Plot?

Lord Death

Bichon Frise
Jan 1, 2011
Chicago, IL
I wouldn't mind if Demise was involved in the plot in some form or another. Like I kinda don't understand the point of his character... Yes, he is suppose to be the original evil, but why couldn't there have been an original Ganondorf in Demise's place? I guess my question is: why Demise? if that makes sense... Oh, and just to be clear, I don't want Demise to replace Ganondorf in Zelda U, but just maybe act as Ganondorf's guide or something. And I like the fact that in SS, it is stated that everyone sees Demise differently, because I don't want him looking like Akuma again. :mad:
Sep 8, 2013
A sequel to Twilight princess: 15 years after the events of TP. Link and Zelda married, and had a child( the child is the protagonist). One day they decides to leave Castle town in the hands of Count Gale( An anchestor of Vatti, the Wind mage, but no one knows it, not even himself) for a week, because they are going on a vacation to Ordon Village, Links homeland. When they arrives, Links son( Lets just Call him Bond, like avatarflygon) goes to Ordon spring, and just relaxes. Then Ordona( the light spirit of Ordon) appears. Bond gets shocked, but Ordona tells him to listen. Ordona tells Bond the twilight realm has troubles again. Ganondorf has been revived by a mystic force, and have taken Control over the twilight realm. Right then, a twilight portal appears and two shadow beasts appears. Ordona disapears quickly, and Bond must fight the twilight beast. After they are defeated, Bond hears Ganondorf speak. He cant see him. Ganon says: Hahaha, looks like you got Your fathers courage... But let us see how much of Your mothers wisdom you got....! Bond runs back to Ordon, and Link tells him he have bad News. Hyrule Castle have been invaded. By the same one who revived Ganon.

To be continued...

sorry for bad English.


Bored to death
Jul 20, 2013
Here's my plot for a reboot called "The Legend of Zelda".

"Deep in the western desert of the Kingdom of Hyrule, lies Gerudo Fortress. Home to the Gerudo, a race of women, they are ruled over by a High King. That King is a man known as Ganondorf Dragmire. This man, a master of the Dark Arts, has but one desire-to claim the sacred relic left behind by the three Golden Goddesses. This relic, as old as time itself, is known as the Triforce. Anyone with a balance of three virtues-Power, Wisdom, and Courage- will gain the "True Force", a power comparable to that of the Goddesses.

As time went by, Ganondorf and his armies marched forth towards Hyrule Castle, in search of the Sacred Realm (the location of the Triforce). Hyrule Castle surrendered and gave in to Ganondorf's will. However, he did not find the Triforce. Angered and desperate, he tortured the King of Hyrule, Daphnes Nohansen III, to get information about the Triforce. He did not break, instead telling him about a chosen hero dressed in green, who would defeat him at the "Hour of Twilight" before his armies.

Heeding Daphnes' warning, Ganondorf ordered to have all boys under 2 years of age to be killed across Hyrule's borders that night. He would continue his search of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce for many years to come.

Because of Ganondorf's orders, many little boys were killed; However, a young woman with her baby boy fled Ganondorf's thugs and escaped into a hidden village in the southern forest. Although mortally wounded, she pleaded to the village head to raise him as one of their own, an Ordonian. The village head sensing the boy's future linked with Hyrule and Ganondorf's reign, took him in. The mother before she died, named him Link, for he would be 'linked' to the future of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

This era in time became known as, the Great Purge.

As time went on, Link grew into a a young man, unaware of his future. Alongside with his best friend Zelda, they had many adventures together. Unknown to anyone, Zelda is the daugther of Daphnes III, the last heir to the Hyrulean Royal Family, also hidden away in Ordon to avoid Ganondorf's wrath. She too would one day play a very important role in the liberation of Hyrule.

One fateful day, Ganondorf found the location of the Triforce, but it was not what he expected. The Key to the Sacred Realm was the Master Sword, a magical sword crafted by the legendary Seven Sages of Hyrule. But the only way to actually open the Sacred Realm, is if the Chosen Hero pulls the Master Sword from it's pedestal.

Now Ganondorf, in search of the legendary hero sets out to find him and this changes the future of Link and Zelda...

That's not quite done and it still needs work (it's also my fanfic idea) so Expect it to be changed.


Dec 31, 2011
New York
It would be interesting if the next plot had a questionable ending. Now, I don't mean (necessarily) that the ending has to be left ambiguous, just that we should question the actions of Link at the end of the story. This was done to a degree in A Link Between World's, because, after seeing all of Lorule, it kind of seems that maybe Hilda has a point(until she doesn't, because... well, no spoilers :rolleyes: ) If we were made to question if what we had done throughout the game, I think that would give a lot more depth to the next Zelda title

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