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I Should Have Posted This Sooner


The Juror of Courage
Oct 25, 2009
Wherever the winds take me.
I mentioned in the comments for the Majora's Mask article that i should post this.
I made this a long while ago (I'd say maybe... 4 years or so) back in High School as a school project. We were to make clay masks of someone or something. Being the Zelda-geek I am, I decided to make the Fierce Deity mask. Sadly, I don't have any In-The-Works pics of it, but here are a couple of the finished product.

http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb137/Faedeur_Onarcius/Other Pics/FDMask001.jpg

http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb137/Faedeur_Onarcius/Other Pics/FDMask002.jpg

What do you think? ^_^


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
That's pretty cool. I had to do a similar project. We took molds of our faces and had to make them into masks, but mine kept falling apart... teacher said it was because my face was too angular for the mold to stay. I always wanted Zelda masks. You should find some sculpting clay that you can bake instead of using a kiln, and then make more masks!


Retired Super Mod and HK
Oct 24, 2007
Being a (near) professional sculptor, I'd have to say that this looks quite amateurish. Which, technically, it is. Not bad though. It could use some finer details, as the angles look too soft in places. Not defined, like they should be. Alas, I am a perfectionist, so don't mind me.
Sep 10, 2008
Cool! Somehow, though, His eyes and mouth make him look kind of like an old man to me. Nice work!

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