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I Really Wanted a Playable Ghirahim...

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The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Considering that Smash 4 is already in the debugging aspect of the game, I doubt that this petition will even bring awareness to Nintendo. I honestly find this petition futile as no matter how many supporters this petition will even get, this is Sakurai we are talking about. While Sakurai is a part of Nintendo, he's his own entity and what he says goes when he is developing a game such as Kid Icarus: Uprising or Super Smash Bros. I like Ghirahim as well and I too thought he would be a good candidate for a playable character, but now that he is a confirmed Assist Trophy, it's time to move on and accept the game for what it is. If people are really upset that a certain character is not in the roster, then maybe they shouldn't spend their time and money to buy the game in the first place. At least you can play as Ghirahim in Hyrule Warriors. Judge the game for what Smash 4 has, not by what it doesn't have.

Yep. Fig is right. With the 3DS game releasing in September in Japan and early October in other regions, the roster is long set in stone.

I don't mind Ghirahim as an assist trophy. Considering no other Zelda villain has been playable in Smash Bros. aside from Ganondorf, the probability of Ghirahim being playable was very slim.

Here's hoping Sakurai used that time to give Ganondorf a unique move set.
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
I believe I recognize you from Gamefaqs. Although I respect your humble attitude in spite of disappointment, I think a petition originating from outside of Japan is going to have little impact at all, especially when it comes to making Assist Trophies playable. The roster was finalized way before we got the de-confirmation a few days ago, and I seriously doubt that, even if there were millions of signatures, the dev team would decide to do a 180 and make ATs actual characters.

I can somewhat sympathize with your disappointment, I guess. But in all honesty, Lucina and Shulk have been my two most-wanted newcomers for over a year now, and the chances of Shulk making it in alongside Lucina are looking better than ever. Perhaps Ghirahim can pull a Little Mac with the next Smash installment if he returns to a main-stream Zelda game in the future.


Jul 1, 2012
This is probably more suited as a blog. Don't be afraid to make one, I'm not signing though, Ghirahim is kind of meh to me ;p
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