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I Love Soup


~ It's me, Dio!~
Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
Am hopefully going to make Tom Kha Gai soup today a coconut soup with galangal and lemongrass. I shall make with chicken and possibly some shimeiji or oyster mushrooms.

Hylian Viking

A modern day Hyrule warrior mean mean stride.
Jun 23, 2020
North Carolina
I had a gumbo soup tonight. It was very good
There's an interesting tradition when it comes to enjoying gumbo at least in the Cajun Country in Louisiana, you have to eat it with potato salad. Do not ask me why but, I tried it with the potato salad and long story short it is a scandalously delicious combination. Even better is when you mix the two together you turn it into almost a stew. As for gumbo in general I can never have enough gumbo without copious amounts of okra, hot sauce and cornbread.


You Are The Light
Feb 7, 2018
Hyrule Kingdom
So does Yeto!

Soup has always been one food that I’ve wished that I could like more than I do. I can go for a chicken noodle once in a great while, maybe once a year. Love beef stew, but don’t care for anything else.

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