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I Love Soup


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Jun 22, 2016
friggin lost it at gradually watermelon

im afraid to ask how they butchered the song so badly lol

anyway I must've missed how this is soup related though??
Some how its jumping that wjen this thread jumps in the sb...


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Nov 15, 2020
your nightmares into your heart <3
Now where do I start? Soup, a primarily liquid food, evidence of it's existence can be found dating around 20,000 BC. It's quite obviously a total classic of a meal. It can be easily made and is a suitable survival meal. Use a material right and you, within reason, you make a soup out of it. It's quite a good effective meal. Skyward Sword, even recognizes soup, thus making Skyward Sword the objectively best Zelda game. If you disagree you're merely salty about the facts, which is very unsoup. The word soup is also a staple of YTP culture, YTP's or formally known as "Youtube poops" are pieces of art done in the medium of video editing. Characterized by cutting and editing footage and audio of preexisting media, e.g.
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Video game cutscenes
  • Youtube Videos
The wide spread use of soup's name within dabblers of this art form merely cements the food's importance to society. Soup is also given to people whom are going through the common cold, thus one could say soup can represent care, warmth, and the love of a fellow person. Which, in a way, could be quite poetic, such a simple meal to show affection and concern for another. How love in the simplest ways can be shown, and how such ways have been around since ancient times, it's immensely beautiful.

In the simplest terms, soup is a symbol of love and care. It's important to multiple cultures, French, East Asian, even artistic circles.

Soup is wonderful.

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