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I Love Soup

Mikey the Moblin

sushi is a suspicious hello
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
I love soup so much! My mom stopped cooking it, even though I want her to and it is so annoying! Why does she buy pizza or something instead of cooking that treasure. Soup isn't just some lumpy drink that only old people need to eat, so I know what the appeal is to anyone! And it is just the most energetic food of all time! You can just put a bunch of random crap into boiling water and it tastes great! Where are we living in, 2077? I don't get how foods like McDonald's or Burger King is still around while soup is literally your favorite stuff thrown into a pot, like a custom meal. This is why I want to move out so that I can just eat soup every day! I love my mom just as much as I love soup! This is not a post btw and I am actually excited about this.


The Destructive One
Staff member
Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
I only like clear soups. I want to be able to see through the liquid so that I know what's in it. I love those soups. As soon as you put in cream, or something else that just makies it thick and opaque, I don't like it

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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I love soup too. My favorite is probably potato soup. I like when it's thick and creamy. Don't give me any of that thin, brothy potato soup. My mom makes a great vegetable soup too. I like letting it cook down a lot so it's not super liquidy and instead the starch in the potatoes make it a bit thicker.

Not a fan of chicken noodle soup though. The smell disgusts me for some reason.

Spiritual Mask Salesman

CHIMer Dragonborn
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Soup is yum. Now that it is getting cold out I want to make some Beef Stew. I do like Chili but idk if that counts as soup.

That said Idk of I'd be ok with soup every day, variety is good, afterall. Not having had soup in a while is a tragedy though.

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