I don't think it's the Great Deku Tree.

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  1. If I remember correctly, the Ganondorf/Ganon in FSA was a reincarnation, so would count as being a different person/being... but as a reincarnation it still needed the original Ganondorf/Ganon to exist first.
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    I did have FSA in mind, but I have not played the game. Referring to the bold part: Do you mean that the reincarnation of Ganondorf need to resurrect the original Ganondorf or that Pig Ganon could only exist after the original Ganondorf had been (at some point in the past) born? But yes I think my original point is consistent with FSA, Pig Ganon is the demonic form of any incarnation of Ganondorf King of Thieves.
  3. Both reincarnation and resurrection need the original to have already existed in order to be possible.
    The difference is whether or not it counts as being the same person, which is where your previous post was slightly off.
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  4. Haven't read the whole thread but wouldn't it just need demise?
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Ganon(dorf) even prior to OoT, and that OoT Ganny is just the reincarnated form of this previous Ganondorf.

    Would be a sticky pickle, yeah? :P
  6. Possible, but unlikely, as there's been no mention of a previous Ganondorf/Ganon in any existing games... even if it wasn't publically known, the royal family would almost certainly have kept a record of him in case he returned, so wouldn't have trusted Ganondorf like they did at the start of OoT.... they done this with Demise in Skyward Sword, and most other appearances of Ganon refer to his previous encounters.
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  7. Well, the Old Man talks about this CG creature like he doesn't know what this it is, which is strange, if Ganon has been showing up regularly in history. Even in the DT he shows up regularly. That's one of the things that makes me wonder if this isn't just slightly revealed new lore that we are going to see that is new stuff about Ganon.

    (I'm betting that there will be a 'long lost' addendum to HH published eventually. They would have to, to include any new games and other stuff made after it came out.)

    Now as to whether people would trust a man named Ganondorf if Ganon has showed up prior, well, the RF trusted him despite him being known as the King of Thieves and Zelda explicitly saying the man had evil looking eyes. Plus most of the Gerudo women still trusted him despite the fact that he murdered his own followers when he found the TF (and it's got to have gotten out that he murdered them, or somebody wouldn't be saying it.)

    If that many people still trusted this man despite the crap ton of red flags he was giving off (even kneeling right in front of the king he has a gleeful evil look plastered on his face) having part of his name contain 'Ganon' probably wouldn't be enough of a deal breaker that people are making it out to be. It would be a strangely low bar all of a sudden when all of the other stuff didn't even seem to be enough to make people go 'Hmmm, I don't think I trust that man...'
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    He certainly did exist before the events of OOT. We don't know his age but he could still be very old in OOT. Kotake and Koume were 400 by the time Link killed them so either being Gerudo, magic weilders or a combination of both gives them a long lifespan. Ganondorf is both Gerudo and a magic wielder and therefore could also have the same longevity without the Triforce.

    Let us not also forget this man 'again swore fealty' to the king indicating he would have fought against him in the civil war prior to OOT.
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    I'm sorry what does "RF" mean?
  10. Egad, that's bad. If he's gone against them prior and they still take him back, then no wonder Ganondorf wants to rule. The RF are a bunch of morons.

    It's like low hanging fruit, how can you even resist?


    'RF' is just shorthand for 'Royal Family.'
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    I'm sure you knew that I didn't mean that Ganon only began existing at the beginning at the beginning of OoT. He is clearly many decades old at least (I would guess about the age of the King), and must of had some kind of involvement in the Civil War. What I mean is that his first real venture into villainy was during OoT. But depending on how he is involved in the Civil War he may be considered a villain during that event, we don't know though.

    OoT makes it fairly clear that Ganon is new on the scene. You do make a good point though, based on the age of his foster parents,. Ganon could be much older then most people in OoT
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    Yes I didn't think you believed he simply popped into existence during OOT but I was suggesting he was around prior as a villain, with there being evidence pointing to this being during the civil war.

    I was also suggesting due to his potential age he could have also been involved in a villainous capacity for previous generations.
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  13. I wouldn't exactly say that he doesn't know what it is... he actually seems to know quite a bit about it... he is the one who tells Link that it's called the Calmity Ganon, and how it had appeared suddenly 100 years ago. It seems like he's just intentionally only giving Link the most important bits of information he needs to know at the time... which is why he doesn't even tell Link who he is.
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    What if it isn't the Great Deku Tree but just an Okay Deku Tree?
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  15. But does he know if it's Ganondorf Ganon? That would be a much bigger detail that Link would need to know. The reason I say this is because tagging Ganon with the precursory name 'Calamity' along with referring to him as 'it' makes it sound way too much like it might be some other Ganon-like creature (potentially risking confusing Link, just in case Link did still remember any stuff about Ganondorf) and not Ganon himself. And why this is important is that Ganondorf has stuff already known about him, knowledge passed down through the ages, stuff that most people in the towns could just help fill in if Link should ask. Stating it's something other then Ganondorf is kinda unwise.
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