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Hyrule: Journey of the Legend (Sign Ups)


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Hey guys, this is Guy.

I haven't been around much, or like, in a few years. Most people probably don't even remember me. But anyways, the one thing I'd like to do when I was here was RPGS, and I'd like to start my own. Since this is a Zelda site, I'd like to do a Zelda RPG. Anyone can join but they'll have to be approved first by me. I have a few rules I'd like to have though.

1. No Main Charactering unless you're committed to it.
By that I mean like, don't try to make an impact to the story, and then just, quit.

2. No claiming a triforce, or any important object.
I hate when people will just claim a triforce in their back story. They need to earn it. Same thing goes with the Master Sword and similar things.

3. no bad writing.
Like, if you're going to write something, don't just be like,"im joe i like to killz peoplez". Use grammar and adjectives and everything that makes emotion and atmosphere.

So sign up, if you'd like. I don't really care personally.

The time period is In between OoT and TP in the child timeline. I'd like to have no one be Ganon, if that's okay. I'm fine with people being Characters from the games, but I'd like OC too.

So sign up, if you'd like. I don't really care personally.

The format for signing up is this:

Back story:
Weapons: ( one main, two minor)
Alignment: ( Good, evil, neutral ect.)
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Name: Nymphadora
Race: Sheikah
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long, black hair with red and purplish streaks and made into a curly ponytail. Has a black cloak with the TriForce on it.
Back story: She was found in Hidden Village and was raised by Impaz to train for her duty to protect the princess. She left at age 10 and set out for Hyrule when she was attacked. A man named Rusl found her and she trained more in Ordon Village. By 14 she left for Hyrule and this time completed her journey and is now currently protecting Zelda.
Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Sword, and Knives
Alignment: Good

Ѧ- тнє тгιfoгcє

Name: Dexious, preferably Dex.
Race: Hylian
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dex always wears a large hat bearing three loud pink feathers. He has dirty blonde hair that forms into a slight bang, and blue eyes. He normally wears a black and gold overcoat with tan pants.
Back story: He began training as a Hyrulian guard when he was roughly 14, before leaving and pursuing an easier lifestyle as a thief, like his brother. His mother is in a seperate country and his father severed connections with him after he left. His brother was killed during a raid in Kakarico, when he fell from a high platform, and Dex refuses to venture back to the village.
Weapons: Sword, knives, lance.
Alignment: Neutral.


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Mar 22, 2010
Name: Link
Race: Hylian
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is Link
Back story: He lived in a forest with kokiri thinking he was one, but when hylians burnt down the forest the great deku tree told him he was a hylian, now he is confused about his past and searches for the truth.
Weapons: Sword, Boomerang
Alignment: Good

Johnny Sooshi

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Nov 1, 2011
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I'll join. And I'll be as active as possible.

Name: Cyrus (kinda my common OC name)
Race: Hylian
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: About 200 pounds, 6'-2", with medium length spiky black hair, and hazel eyes. Wears a light grey long sleeve tunic with a black fur lined vest over it, black leather pants, and black boots. Has tattoo hidden from normal view on his chest (ancient writing that says "May death come to those who don't embrace life").
Back story: Grew up in the far north of Hyrule near the Zora's Domain. Traveled south when his father died of hypothermia when he was 15. Lived in Castle Town as bar tender at one of the local taverns. However, growing up on his own, he learned to fend of thieves and other attackers while traveling.
Weapons: A pair of combat knives, brass knuckles, and throwing knives (Relies a lot on physical combat).
Alignment: Neutral, leaning towards good (if that works)

Hopefully this all works for you.


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Oct 27, 2011
Looks quite interesting, I'll join,

Name: Ventus
Race: Goron ( why not. )
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Appearance: Like most Gorons, however, he has a utility belt around his waist and some swirled tattoos over his face and body, he wears a necklace with a replica of Goron's ruby made out of bronze around his neck and two steel wristbands around his wrists.
Backstory: Was born and raised in Goron city on death mountain, in his earlier years, he gained the approval of the chief Goron to become a Goron warrior, he trained alongside the chief until he was approved to be able to wield a blade forged by the legendary craftsman among Gorons, Biggoron, he continued to train on Death Mountain for years, he had been requested to become a personal guard of the chief Goron, but he refused. He kept training until the present day.
Weapons: Biggoron sword ( wields in one hand because he's a Goron ), brass nuckles, bombs ( kept in his utility belt ), himself ( you know, being a Goron he likes to roll to attack and other kinds of stuff. )
Alignment: Good

Hope that'll do for y'all :D


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You're all accepted, and they all seem like good characters. I think I'll start the thread sometime today.

I have a question Guy, who exactly are you going to portray in this Role Play?

I forgot to post mine, thanks for pointing this out.

Name:Jacob Hunt
Race: Hylian
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Long blonde hair, large build, red tunic, strong jaw, and firey eyes.
Back story: Found in the well in Kakariko Village, this boy was raised to be the new champion hero of Hyrule. He was told storys of The Hero of Time his whole life, and strives to be the greatest. While he is over confident in himself, and very arogant, his heart is in the right place. His mentor told him if he wants to be the true hero, he must go to the Warriors Temple, and return him the Hero's Jewls.
Weapons: The Steel Smasher( a LongSword that doubles as a hammer when held upside down), A bow, and a hookshot.
Alignment: Good


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Sep 23, 2012
Beijing, China
I've got a great idea for a character, but I need some time to develop it. Give me a bit of time, and I'll post it as soon as I can.
Aug 3, 2012
Name: Tatara
Race: Zora
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: She sort of looks like 7-years-later Ruto, she's about 4'11, and has long arm fins.
Back story: She was raised by King Zora, making her a sort of a princess. She was abandened 4 years ago by the king, as ran about on her own living in Lake Hylia.
Weapons: Sword, boomerang and hookshot
Alignment: Good


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Sep 10, 2011
Name: Xerien
Race: Hylian
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6 foot 4, long red hair in a top knot, green eyes, large muscular build, red Ordon clothes
Back story: Xerien was once the Red Knight in Ganon's army. After Ganon's defeat, he retired from the Army, and went with his friend Greymalkin into a "Hero for Hire" business
Weapons: Sword of the darknut, Bow and Arrow, Gale Seeds
Alignment: Myrmidon (to the highest Bidder)
Name: GreyMalkin
Race: Hylian
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6 foot 4, long black hair placed in twin ponytails side by side, Blue eyes, Medium Muscular Build, Black Ordon clothes
Back story:Greymalkin was once the revered Black Knight in Ganon's army. After Ganon's defeat, he retired from the Army, and went with his friend Xerien into a "Hero for Hire" business
Weapons: Sword of the Darknut, Hammer, Bombs
(i'm following your rules. i should ask if these two could have 5)
Alignment: Myrmidon

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