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Hylian Shield in 2D Zelda?


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Apr 5, 2011
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I've come to notice that none of the 2D zelda games have the hylian shield. I don't know why this is exactly but I have two ideas. The first one is that the graphics in the 2D zelda games weren't good enough to show the detail of the Hylian shield and that's why they went with simple colours. My second idea is that in most of the 2D Zelda games Link cannot actually purchase or find a Hylian shield. In ALTTP Link was a fugitive and couldn't buy a shield that is supposedly only meant to be for Hylian Knights. In LA you're not even in Hyrule. The most common reason there aren't Hylian shields in the 2D games is because nowhere sells them. I hope this makes sense and I'm not contradicting myself. Bye.:)

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it was a kind of tradition to always have a different shield design, i dont remember any zelda using one shield design twice not even in majora's mask where it would make sense.

even in zelda 2 the shield changed a little (see the artwork you never see the shield in game)

twilight princess was the first to re-use the ocarina of time shield and im good with that cuz the one from oot is my favourite by far

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