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Hylian - A Way to Speak?


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May 15, 2010
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So, this is something I've been thinking about alot. I recently became weirdly obsessive about codes and different languages (eg. piglatin orfay ethay inway!!) and looked up Hylian translations. It seems that all the games that have Hylian script in them apart from Twilight Princess are a code that decodes into Japanese, which is perfectl understandable considering the origins of the game. Twilight Princess is the only direct English code. So, I've been wondering, is there a way to speak Hylian?

I've been observing Midna's speech, and it seems as if she speaks some sort of backwards Japanese. So, does this mean that the way to speak hylian is to speak your language backward? This also seems to be the case with Madame Fanadi in East Castle town. If you read her speech backwards, she says things like, Wait, loading takes a while and I don't know what I'm doing. Or, is there a specific way to say it?

I'd really like to know, since I absolutely adore speaking and writing in code. :)
I've seen websites such as Omniglot (sp?) that feature many fictional languages, including Hylian. Though it only shows the written form of it, I always figured that Hylian, if spoken, would sound the same as the language it is based off of--OoT and WW being Japanese, and TP being English. The characters just represent the syllabry of Katakana, so though it looks different, it would be read the same way; the same case would be with English-based Hylian.

I think that perhaps if you were playing Twilight Princess on the wii, the entire overworld is flipped because Link's dominant hand is the right hand rather than the left. All of the Hylian written on signs is also flipped, so Nintendo may have been strategic and flipped what was being said. I honestly wouldn't know, but it's just a guess.

However, if Hylian is a dead language in games like The Wind Waker, then why are all of the signs written in said language? I think it's simply because the Legend of Zelda games are published in more than one language, so keeping the signs written in something that appears to be gibberish at first glance, it doesn't seem that Nintendo would have favoritism towards a certain region where the games are sold. So, it could just be spoken where there is voice-actors as gibberish as well for the same reason.

I suppose you can sometimes pick out words in gibberish. There are videos all over YouTube putting English words where they sound like they fit into songs sang in another language.

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