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Hurricane Spin

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Sep 3, 2009
How do I acquire the hurricane spin? Zelda Wiki isn't very helpful, here, so I'm asking you guys. Please help if possible!
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PH - Great Spin Attack

I may have a few mistakes because I’m doing this all off of memory.

Note: you need to have already met the Old Wayfarer and Joanne must be in his house. You may find it easier to have the Cyclone Slate and have all seven frogs as warp points.
First, navigate (or warp) to the North-Eastern Sea and get on the traveler’s ship in that quadrant; ‘The Man of Smiles’s’ ship. You will find it full of monsters, and of course, you need to kill them. When you slay the last one and head for the exit, he will meet you and gift you with the Hero's New Clothes. Then you need to travel all the way to the north-western sea and give Nyeve, the guy riding on a boat that he calls the “Prince of Red Lions,” the clothes. He then gives you a telescope. You may have visited the Hohos’s ship before, but one of them is missing a telescope. Talk to him (they are in the south-eastern quadrant) and he will give you the guard’s notebook. I believe at one point, Nyeve’s brother, Nyave mentioned missing his journal and will reward you with a wood heart and random treasure. Then go back to the south-eastern sea and there will be an additional ship there. Navigate there and you will find the Old Wayfarer. Talk to him and give him the wood heart. He will tell you to go back to his place on Bannan Island for a gift. So you head to the north-western sea and go to Bannan Island. A monster will surface and after you finish it with your cannon, go dock, see the Wayfarer, and then open the chest in his house. Inside will be the swordman's scroll.

Again, I may be off a bit, but I have a pretty good memory when it comes to something as important as Zelda Games.
I hope this helps.
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