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Humor in Zelda - tell us about a moment in a game that had you LOL hard.

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Since OoT was my first Zelda game, and I was pretty young, there were a lot of things I found really funny about it, and just looking back and some of the things I thought was pretty funny.

Like when Link would squat down to plant a Magic Bean, the first time he did it I thought he was squatting to take a crap, lol. Durania's Dancing to Saria's Song also made me laugh and still gets a chuckle from me to this day. And we can't forget King Zora sliding his butt across the waterfall!

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Aug 22, 2018
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Not sure if this thread is too old, but I just remembered a part where I genuinely did laugh.

It's actually from Phantom Hourglass. Unfortunately, I could only find one video of it.

Oh yeah, and it has ear-rape too.
Dec 29, 2019
Going back to Ocarina of Time it was surprising how many of the jokes I missed when I was a child.

I laughed when I realised the man with the sack running around saying 'I'm late for a very important date' is actually a thief.

Also It made me laugh realising the readiness of characters to pin the blame on Ganondorf for everything even without good evidence. Of course he is behind the bad things but there isn't any reason for some characters to blame him so readily.

In Twilight Princess when King Bulbin looks at Barnes I loled when he lowers his welding mask out of fear.
1. Nothing indicates he's a thief in Ocarina of Time. His model was repurposed as a thief character in Majora's Mask, but that has no bearing on the Ocarina of Time NPC.
2. What exactly do you mean by people blaming Ganondorf "even without good evidence"? Suspicious timing and demands don't exactly work in his favor.

There's plenty for me, organized by game below.
Ocarina of Time:
* Navi faceplanting the fence the first time she tries to fly through
* Mido's reaction when you come to him with both the Kokiri Sword and a Deku Shield
* Talon's panicked running when you wake him up at Hyrule Castle
* The first time I saw a Cuccoo Swarm
* Darunia's dancing
* Link running away from getting a Goron hug after a mere pat on the back knocked him over.
* "Ouweep. Ouweep. Ouweep." (In other words, King Zora moving out of the way)
* Ingo losing it when you beat him a second time
* Link's reaction to the combined Twinrova
* Koume and Kotake's postmortem bickering.
* Talon and Ingo getting absolutely plastered in the ending. Also the fact that Biggoron's dancing triggers the Rumble Pak

Majora's Mask:
* Link's deadpan glare at the Skull Kid while the Skull Kid is messing around with the Ocarina
* Shortly later, Deku Link's "Hoo boy" aside glance after pairing up with Tatl and discovering her attitude
* Dropping Tingle out of the sky the first time.
* First bottling the Deku Princess to carry her home, and then her wrath against her father
* Biggoron curling up for a nap.
* The workman trying to break the boulder on Milk Road legging it when you plant a Powder Keg
* Dropping bees on pirates
* Evan's shameless gloryhogging
* The Gibdo trading sequence
* Using the Bremen Mask in the final battle in Ikana Castle

There's more, but I'll get back to that later
Aug 31, 2019
Think the 1st time I laughed was at the towed of gods summoning scene in Wind Waker.

But Linebeck's dialogue & banter with Ciela was always amusing. Favourite character.


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Jul 19, 2016
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The moment when Link in Breath of the Wild was wearing a Gerudo outfit to be a "Girl" I latterly fell to the ground laughing at the fact that Link was in a girl's outfit and his reaction through out the whole cutscene


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Sep 29, 2020
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There's a few. In WW whenever I first had the MS, there was a group of 3 Moblins that I threw a bomb at. One of them did the thing where they sniff around, and he sniffed right on the bomb as it exploded. Darunia's dancing was funny as well as King Zora's scooting over. I also liked the sound the stairs make in the TP bomb shop when you walk on them and spent several minutes walking up and down them.


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May 5, 2012
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when my friend and I were playing wind waker w/ the tingle tuner, we were on board a platform w/ the bokoblins, he was L-targetting one of them while I used a tingle bomb to blast another that was off screen, the one I blasted was knocked into the one he was fighting, which caused that one to fall off of the platform, it was hysterical at that moment


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Jun 16, 2020
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Seeing Paya's reaction to Link for the first time, and pretty much every time Hestu does his little dance are the first to come to mind.

I also enjoy knocking down the chandelier in the Lumpy Pumpkin.
May 4, 2014
The scene with the Tokay. Ember seeds' what an exciting name! I bet it has an exciting flavor. *Munch munch* And then their little mouths got set on fire. Its like Nintendo or Capcom or both, knew we wanted revenge after that awfulness. Sweet, sweet karma.

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Aug 31, 2014
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I mean, Groose falling out of the sky in SS is always hilarious

actually so iconic

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