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How's Your Mobile Data Plan?


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May 6, 2012
Tokyo, Japan
What kind of plan do you have for your phone and do you find it to be of good value? Do you find the 4G coverage to be decent enough in your area/on your carrier?

I currently am on a 12 Month SIM only plan with a telecom called Optus. I'm paying $45/month for:
100GB Mobile Data
Unlimited Calls/Text in Australia and to a bunch of other countries (which I hardly use)
4GB Roaming Mobile Data
Free Music Streaming on Spotify

I find the coverage to be fantastic on their 4G network and the data limit seems to be plenty for me so far. I'd highly recommend them to my friends as a decent option in terms of value. Unlimited data plans are starting to emerge in Australia somewhat as one other carrier is offering 30GB at normal speeds and then unlimited data at 1.5mbps after the 30GB is exhausted. But I would rather just have the 100GB at a non-capped speed at this stage since I don't even use that much data yet.


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Nov 29, 2011
Mine is crap. I entered into a contract for the first time since highschool last year but it is terrible. I'm gonna get out of it the first moment i can.

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