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How Would You Fix Your Least Favorite Zelda Game?


Apr 22, 2011
We all have our least favorite Zelda games, Mine personally is SS. Obviously this isn't the case for everyone, But it doesn't really matter in this scenario. What I have in mind is that you just think about your least favorite game for a while and think about what you hate about it, What made that game your least favorite game of the series. Once you've gotten that figured out it would be nice if you could post it in this thread, It would be very interesting to see how one would fix a problem like that, if it even can be fixed since all of this is subjective. :sweat:

I'll start; I'd fix SS by changing the art style and give a brain to the enemies & puzzles.. aaaand that's about it. :lol:

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Dec 6, 2012
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Make it more challenging, the bosses and puzzles were child's play in TP also (I have the wii version) the controls were total gimmicks, I'd give it skyward sword controls. Also I'd take wolf link out of the game just cause i didn't enjoy playing as him.
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May 26, 2010
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My least favorite title is Skyward Sword, and there are far too many things wrong with the game for me to simply have a "problem-be-gone" button to hit. That being said, i'll try to find some stuff and attempt to improve them.

1) Enemy AI - Keep it away from the sword
I have a really big problem with the majority of the enemy AI in this game, and it is how deliberate the sword is emphasized; every enemy for the MOST part requires some specific, precise sword strike to damage and therefore defeat. In the reality of things, I could continue to slash at your weapon and actually disarm you, and I wouldn't HAVE to strike at the spot that you aren't defending; I could still slash at the part that you are actively defending and get a hit in. Unfortunately, SS' enemies don't allow this, and I'd change that by making the enemies complete spontaneous, acting of their own accord instead of gaping at the sword, defending in whatever direction you hold your blade in.

To put that in perspective, I'd rather have a Dark Link type enemy than a Bokoblin. If that means overhauling the gameplay, then so be it.

2) Zelda - Make her more involved in the plot; Hylia - Make her a completely separate character
SS' story was advertised as something like a school-bullying thing. This would imply that Zelda is part of the equation, getting the bad guy to back off...and she DID, but only for the very beginning of the story. Zelda essentially reprised her role as series Damsel in Distress, only she wasn't particularly in distress; she was merely in "hiding" for no apparent reason. She wasn't very involved in the plot, and dare I say she wasn't important. In fact, Zelda wasn't really important, it was HYLIA who was important.

I would go on a very long rant here, but suffice to say that SS Zelda was essentially split into two characters for the duration of the game: Zelda and Hylia. Zelda had a great start, decent characterization from the beginning, but once she hit the surface she was entirely replaced by the Hylia persona. Even by the end of the game, she is still technically Hylia, choosing rather to stay and protect the Triforce than make a deliberate motion to create happiness within her childhood friend's heart.

I would make Zelda herself either not in the game, or make her more involved with the plot, even fighting alongside Link or helping him along the way. I would remove Hylia from Zelda's body entirely, and make her a character all on her own...perhaps even making her a boss fight for a corrupt view of light/darkness much in the same way that Elysium from Soulcalibur V was:

3) Overworld - make it less of a LEVEL and more of a WORLD
There are many facets to this problem, but I think the two biggest facets are the following:
- Unnatural geography
- Provinces being disconnected and wholly unrelated

For the unnatural geography, the thing is that there are straight lines riddled across every province. In a forest, a place you're supposed to get lost, I shouldn't have a trail that essentially says "run across this path to find your goal". I should have to go through different areas and routes, like I did in the Lost Woods of Ocarina of Time and ALttP. In a volcanic area, bridges do not exist. I'm sorry, but they don't. If there are an indigenous in the area, especially if they move around by burrowing, there WOULDN'T BE BRIDGES. These bridges and obvious pathways make SS feel like a series of levels, like I'm merely trying to get from point A to point B. This is a VERY different feel compared to Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker. SS was supposed to give me a world, like all good Zeldas do, but it gave me a bunch of levels that I merely had to pass. This isn't Mario, this is Zelda, and I expect the geography to reflect that.

The provinces being disconnected and wholly unrelated is a VERY easy fix. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that there should be land that leads from desert to volcano to forest and back around, and this is easy considering the same thing was done in Twilight Princess among other Zelda titles.


Apr 22, 2011
Make it more challenging, the bosses and puzzles were child's play in TP also (I have the wii version) the controls were total gimmicks, I'd give it skyward sword controls. Also I'd take wolf link out of the game just cause i didn't enjoy playing as him.


Ever since TMC I've felt that the series hasn't been very challenging :xd:


Jan 10, 2011
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My least-favorite has recently become The Wind Waker. It was previously A Link to the Past, but I'm kind of glad it isn't anymore, since it's such a great game. The Wind Waker... Oh, boy, where do I begin?

The Overworld

I guess I'll start with the most obvious issue, the overworld. I have no idea why any of the developers thought the Great Sea was a good idea, but apparently they did. Now, on paper, it seems pretty novel. You have lots of open space and you can go pretty much anywhere you like. Only... it's boring to do so. See, there's nothing stimulating about the Great Sea from a gameplay standpoint. There's very little atmosphere due to the lack of diverse scenery and we, as players, literally sit there and do nothing while the boat travels across the Sea. MAYBE once in a while an enemy will show up, but it never matters unless it's a Gyorg, because you can just sail right past them without every worrying about being hit. Even if you want to fight them, though, you have to stop, since you can't sail and use an item at once. With the cannon, okay, that makes sense. But the boomerang and bow???? Quite obviously, sailing ends up being more like a long loading screen than an epic journey as a result.

I so wish that was it. But there's more.

"Oh, look at that island over there! I bet it's fun to explore!" Yeah, good luck doing that without the necessary item to do so. Even then, it rarely matters. It's generally slim stretch of land or a small circle-ish location with one thing to find.

Oh, did you miss the island you were trying to go to? No worries, just pull out dat Wind Waker and play a song to change the wind direction and watch a cutscene of the wind changing directions, in which you then have to slowly turn around until you have the wind behind your back.

Yay, I can warp. Now only takes me two minutes to get somewhere while doing a whole lot of nothing instead of five.

No. No, you're joking. A quest to find Triforce shards? LORD, KILL ME NOW!!!1!

To even the playing field -- implying this redeems the Great Sea's faults (lol) -- I actually really like the islands for what they are. (Key words, there.) They're small, yeah, but that's legitimately my only problem with them. Other than that, they're expertly crafted and feature nifty little puzzles to find what's hidden on/inside them. Windfall Island is also easily one of the best hub areas in the entire fricken' franchise. Seriously, if you don't like that place, what's wrong with you? It's like Skyloft had a kid and it grew up to be Windfall! And, like I said in

So, yeah, I was being cynical with The Wind Waker's overworld, but I wasn't overexaggerating. The only redeeming quality about it is that the islands are pretty cool for what they are. They should have been much bigger -- I'm talking some of them covering multiple squares -- but other than their size, they're extremely well-designed. Still, as a whole, the overworld is a mess.


Not much to say here other than make the enemies and bosses actually stimulating, and take out those stupid parry moves. Hidden Skills are the way to go.


If I were to get into detail with this one, I'd have to go over the dungeons individually, so I'm going to be brief. 2 of the dungeons in this game are really good: Dragon Roost Cavern and the Earth Temple. 3 of the dungeons are bad: the Forbidden Woods, Tower of the Gods, and the Wind Temple. 1 of the dungeons is okay: Ganon's Castle. Even the good dungeons in this game have generally easy puzzles, though. Oddly enough, the only one with a good boss is the Forbidden Woods (Kalle Demos). Others, already covered that in the combat part.


-Allow us to change the wind's direction at will without having to stop
-Add more dangers and enemies during the sailing portions
-Allow us to attack enemies while in motion on the Sea
-Make most of the islands much larger to reduce sailing time
-Add warp points in more efficient locations
-Make enemies, bosses, and dungeons more stimulating and challenging

There you go. :)

3) Overworld - make it less of a LEVEL and more of a WORLD
There are many facets to this problem, but I think the two biggest facets are the following:
- Unnatural geography
- Provinces being disconnected and wholly unrelated


The provinces being disconnected and wholly unrelated is a VERY easy fix. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that there should be land that leads from desert to volcano to forest and back around, and this is easy considering the same thing was done in Twilight Princess among other Zelda titles.

While I agree with the disconnected province thing, there's a serious issue with your argument about unnatural geography. Literally every Zelda game has this. Even A Link to the Past. Surely you didn't forget that its volcanic/mountainous area has a bridge and that many areas have mild dungeon-like portions? Surely you didn't forget that Ocarina of Time's overworld has a hub with hallway branch-offs? Surely you didn't forget that Majora's Mask has areas that require items to be used to reach the new areas? Surely you didn't forget that The Wind Waker's islands are designed like miniature puzzles? Surely you didn't forget how Twilight Princess's provinces are connected by lengthy hallways? Etc. etc.

Again, I agree with the disconnected province thing, but Zelda's worlds having unnatural geography is a staple idea. It's been around since pretty much the beginning.


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Oct 28, 2012
Well...AoL is my least favorite but it's beyond fixing and I have little interest in 2D games in general...so...despite being pretty high on my list...I'll pick Wind Waker.

The graphics. I'm fine with the style in general...but it was just awful in Wind Waker. It felt like a lazy attempt to put no effort into the Great Sea. I would have rather seen higher quality TP style graphics so we could enjoy some gorgeous scenery while sailing rather than boring endless blue.

Reduce the Sea's size by half.

Add 5x the Great Sea enemies

Make boat combat more convenient like it was in PH and like train combat was in ST.

Make the game feel less...childish. The slapstick comedy was put in the worst places. Almost any time something serious happened, they'd try to make you laugh. They made the enemies ridiculously stupid for the sake of humor (like when they could kill themselves for you)

Nintendo cut corners and took out 3 entire dungeons and put the Triforce Quest in their place. That was disgustingly lazy. Get rid of the stupid Triforce Quest and add those dungeons back in.

Remove the Tingle Tuner. That was a huge sellout. This is perhaps the lowest I've seen Nintendo go. They were almost as bad as M$ at this point. Or at least not require your customers to buy other Nintendo products to enjoy the whole game.

Replace the Treasure Charts with the actual treasure it led to.

Remove the Nintendo Gallery...that was just a boring, tedious, lazy, and stupid sidequest.
Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
How would I fix my least favorite Zelda game? WITH A HAMMAH!!

No, not really, especially considering my least favorite is Four Swords: Anniversary Edition which I've downloaded to my 3DS, meaning I'd have to destroy my entire 3DS to get rid of it. Next in line is The Wind Waker (for which I agree with almost everything JuicieJ says), but let's focus on Four Swords: Anniversary Edition for now.

#1: Give it a real story. Four Swords barely has any story and exists solely for gameplay reasons. Vaati is your generic evil spirit thingamabob who wants to marry Zelda (go figure), and the three Great Fairies scattered across some world that looks nothing like Hyrule mysteriously have keys to his personal pad. That's as far as the story goes. What if each dungeon held some story bearing and Vaati was fleshed out as a villain without the need for The Minish Cap?
#2: More dungeons. This is normally never a complaint for me, but Four Swords' four main dungeons offer little replay value. Yeah, Anniversary Edition has the Realm of Memories and the Hero's Trial, but the latter was frustrating and poorly-designed, and they don't lengthen the game enough. More dungeons with actual story applications would make a world of difference in Four Swords.
#3: Some sort of hub. Or at least somewhere you can wander around without the fear of being murdered. Sidequests and mini-games that made use of multiple players would have been nice. I guess those two can count as things I'd change, too.
#4: Online multiplayer. I've never played Four Swords with another person. An online mode would be deeply appreciated so I can play with another human being. I get the feeling it's much different than having a computer-controlled Link follow me around everywhere.
#5: More RPG/progression aspects. Returning from a dungeon with tons of money is a nice feeling. It's a bad feeling knowing it doesn't mean anything. I love the points system in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games: the more rescue/exploration jobs you take on, especially harder ones, the more points you earn and the more benefits you get, like being able to recruit other Pokemon easier. A similar sidequest system that lets you take on jobs and earn points would be awesome in a game like Four Swords.

There are probably a lot of other things that could be done, but Four Swords is just a small what-if concept that wasn't meant to be turned into the next big Zelda game. It's not that I don't like it - I still give it a 7/10. It's just my least favorite. I want the series to continue, and I want Nintendo to consider what I've said. Can you imagine a 3D Four Swords game? There are a lot of possibilities, but these are just starters.

For my opinion on The Wind Waker...go read JuicieJ's first post on this thread. Basically sums up my feelings.
My least favourite Zelda game is currently PH because it feels like an impatient cash in and mockery of wind Waker, but fast forward to Spirit Tracks and aside form the very annoying spirit Flute, the problems i have with PH are fixed. i also hate the Oracle games but then again they are appeased with the LA engine and the link up which was sweet. This leaves SS.

Skyward Sword is a game that has disappointed me more so than any other Zelda game, not because of what is in the game itself (aside from the empty sky, disconnected overworld, boss repetition and the opening of sections of the provinces rather than them being open form the start), but because of what isn't included in the game that could have easily been implemented during its half a decade production. So my list on how to improve SS is as follows;

More attacks/maneuvers for the Loftwing such as barrel rolls and quick u-turns and speed upgrades.
Upgraded items for the Loftwing like the Academy Knights seem to have.
Sky-high sword play on the back of the Loftwing, in the same vein as combat on horseback.
Hidden Skills for Link.
A connected overworld.
More diverse enemies.
More varied Sidequests.
Magic meter.
A better implemented stamina meter.
More provinces such as a proper water and or ice province.
A province exclusive to the past- see the destruction Demise's war wrought to a section of the land in the past.
More things to do and see in the sky.
A better boss for the fire sanctuary.
Less repetition of boss fights.
A day cycle.

And as previously mentioned, don't make sections of the provinces show up with neon signs saying 'go here'. I'd have preferred it if everything was open at the start, and Link could go as far as he could without the required item as is true for other Zelda games such as OoT, SS was said to have lots of exploration and backtracking like Metroid, this could have been true if everything was open form the start and Link could only progress as far as his items would allow.

Less repeated boss fights would be nice too, we fought Phantom Ganon twice in WW and both fights were varied, in SS we fight Moldarach twice, Scervo twice, the Imprisoned 3 times and Ghirahim twice before his thankfully different battle at the end of the game. Please no more repeated boss fights in the future Nintendo, some can see it as desperate copy and pasting, others can see it as unnecessary padding, very few see it as a good thing. so, to start with, this is how i'd improve SS.
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Feb 6, 2010
Would fix Skyward Sword by making it cater more to Zelda fans as well as have its plot intertwined with the series more... you know... as a prequel.


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Oct 28, 2012
Oh yeah, now I remember what else I'd do: Take away the magic meter. I guess I just took that for granted because thankfully the last few games haven't had it.


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Of what I've played so far...

Majora's Mask only needs a simple fix for me: The ability to save at any point in the game, just like in *most* Zelda games! Seriously, that's it! That's the one thing that frosted my cookies with that game! I know Skyward Sword is sort of the same way (you have to find statues to save in that), but it wasn't as bad in SS for me because SS doesn't have a freaking time limit!

The time limit bothered me, too, but it's too important to the story to get rid of, and it makes the game unique. All I want is the ability to save and to go back to wherever I last saved if I need to without relying on owl statues that will erase large parts of your progress if you don't hit them the right way. When I did my first and only full playthrough on that game, I used to use the going back in time thing to save primarily, and it got kind of aggrivating if I had something I felt was vital to save, but had to speed up and wait for the second day or third day events to arrive again to finish something I'd started.

I also might make the Deku Scrub persona a litlte more "manly." It was kind of aggrivating to have a certain heterosexual male in my life watching me play the game going "Gaaaaaaaaaaay!" upon seeing little Link fly using spinning pink flowers. Give him a Deku Leaf like in Wind Waker or something! Flowers are pretty, but kind of... doofy.

Mostly, it's the saving thing is all. I love the story and atmosphere of Majora's Mask, but I know I would have absolutely fallen in love with the game if it *hadn't been for it's damn stupid saving system!*

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