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How Would You Describe Your Sense of Humour?

Lord Vain

Dawn of a New Day
Nov 29, 2011
It really depends to be honest, sometimes my humor can be pretty ridiculous but at other times it can be quite sharp.


Jul 26, 2010
It is a mixture between Monty Python and Chelsea Lately. Pretty sarcastic and sharp, I like to make fun of my friends, (lovingly), the rest is just nonsense toilet humour. I also like to add some ghetto in there.


gay energy
Feb 28, 2010
New York
Epic fails seem to be most funny to me.
But completely random things make me laugh, too... It's kind of hard to explain, I guess.


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
My humor mostly thrives off of a few select things, such as:

Taking a normal thing that's either relatively funny or completely normal, and re-enacting it in a really absurd or exaggerated way.
Writing really ridiculous or ridiculously bad songs (I have a band called Phukelum6atron that makes purposely bad music).
Inside jokes.
Either really amazing or really bad timing of words.
Being freakishly irritating to specific people because their reaction is funny.
Making fun of things that are either really absurd or really cheesy.
Making fun of music that is really awful.
Really nerdy things, like video game-related jokes that nobody gets..... that's why the Angry Video Game Nerd is my favorite YouTuber.
Cynical, sarcastic, or angry humor, which is why ADoseOfBuckley is my 2nd favorite YouTuber. I don't make this type of joke all that often because it doesn't really come to me naturally, but I do think it's freaking hilarious.
Jokes that pertain to music. This is similar to jokes that pertain to video games, because nobody gets them.
Oh, and I freaking LOVE puns. And by puns, I mean the most miserably terrible you can imagine. You would not believe the amount of carbon dioxide I've exhaled because me or a friend made a really, really stupid (and I mean EXTREMELY stupid) pun.

As for what I do NOT think is funny......

Jokes that poke fun at religion just because they can, and aren't even witty. If it's witty or funny, I'll laugh at it because I'm not easily offended. But some are just really stupid and are only made with the intent of offending people.
Jokes that are overly morbid, or go WAY to far. I mean, some jokes are okay if they go a little too far, but some people.... goodness, I swear some people are just plain sick. And when I see people laugh at that kind of thing, I start to question my opinion on them.
Jokes that are overly sexual just for the sake of being sexual. Like I said, if it's witty, I'll laugh. If you're making a sex joke that only evokes a laugh because it's really awkward or graphic and not even witty, then it's not funny. That's not genuine laughter, it's just shock laughter. And that's sad, because so many stand-up comedians get their entire career off of these "jokes" that aren't actually funny, just shocking.
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Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
My sense of humor is horrible. Not in the sense that the worst stuff makes me laugh, but that I really don't have much of a sense of humor. I'm a serious guy. Sure, I can have a fun time, but I really only laugh at a few things. Like Gavin Free. That guy is just so funny.

Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
Depends really. I like crude, sexual, snide, sarcastic, snarky, sadistic, morbid, dark, or any combination of those really. I like higher level humor or really good parodies too.

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