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How Would You Change the Warp Method in This Game?

Niko Bellic 817

GH3: Legends of Rock
Apr 24, 2009
Spirit Tracks has the worst warping in any Zelda game. You go through a Spirit gate and are teleported to another specific gate. In most Zeldas, you could warp from nearly wherever you wanted to any one of the warping locations. One of the things I would change in Spirit Tracks is the ability to warp wherever you want. Prior to the game coming out, I thought the Spirit flute could be used to warp you when you were on the train.


Guy What's Angry Now
May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
What I would do? Allow you to warp to any previously visited station, thus allowing you to circumvent the tedious process of riding Slowy McChoochoo across the empty fields. I guess you'd still need it to find new places and transport cargo, but seriously, the game forces you to traverse this ugly excuse for an overworld every single time you want to do anything.


Dec 16, 2009
Keep the trains and the warping the way they are... I like it! I don't actually warp that much anyway.
Trade the song of life for a warping one? (Doesn't have to be full option. Maybe even a simple one like LA?)
Add some three-way LoZ stairways in the ST towns to connect most of them...

Of course, the train would magically appear at the right station in the right town.


Ask Me Why I Love The Photoshops
Jan 30, 2010
I think that the Warp System should have taken you to a place you want or at least given you a choice as to where you wanted to be taken.

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Here's how I would change the warp system: I keep the gates where they are (because it's convenient and that's just enough warps for an overworld of ST's size) but I have Link learn a Spirit Flute song when he activates the first one. Then whenever he plays that song on the Spirit Train, he can warp to any previously activated warp gate.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I had no problem with the specific locations the warp points brought you to, but I did have a problem about there being a lack of map icons for the gates. I made crude markings of where the gates were and where they brought you using numbers for each map quardant and NSEW and C for center to roughly locate it on that map. Combine all these scrawlings with other map notations I had to make and it got messy fast.

It would have been much nicer for them to add the warp gates to the map for you with some kind of sortation system. I guess the concept was to get people to make their own map notations based on them, but with no real rhyme or reason to gate placement, it was just not an easy thing to do.

That, or perhaps the gem on top of the gate could be coloured to match the area it would send you to. Green for grass, red for fire and so on. Even a little something like that would have helped sort all the gate madness.


Dec 16, 2009
United States
Attack helicopter
Well there's a reason it's like that. You have to activate it but if you don't, it could take you to a spot where you didn't unlock any tracks. Plus it's like that so the sidequests would be more challenging instead of just warp for Dark Ore, it's just more of a challenge. I like the system that the other games used and even though it would be better, it would make some things easier. But how about for the sidequests, you would have no choice but to follow a specific warp and when you warp, you'll see a map of the warp points you could go through. That would be better. But then again, maybe some other stuff would change about it.

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