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How/Why Did You Choose Your Username?

Dec 5, 2012
Well for my username it really comes from super smash bros. Since I have always played link one of my tactics was the throw bombs everywhere like a distraction to keep you from realizing when I was about to strike or give me more time to do other actions, thus distractionbomb was born!
Nov 24, 2012
Probably roleplaying
My story isn't as interesting as some. Hylian_Monolith is short fro The Hylian Monolith, which is the username I chose when i first came to ZD. I was askedto choose a name to comment, and after several weeks of portraying a Chuchu I decided that I needed a human persona. In a ThinkGeek catalog, there was a Monolith action figure,and it fascinated me. So I named myself The Hylian Monolith, Hylian of course meaning "Of Hylia" or "Hylia's." Technically, my username is talking about the Triforce--y'know, Hylia's Monolith, the single humongous power of the goddess Hylia. I would not even consider this until after joining the forums, though.
Cut to the point: There weren't enough available slots for characters to fit in my full username, and so I go rid of the article and added an underscore for Nayru knows what reason.

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Dec 5, 2012
Zelda Dungeon
Well I used to go by ZeldaCelticFan, but it didn't seem like a name that I could run with so I started thinking about different ones, it came down to Hero of Farore, Beloved of Nayru, Din's Child, and BeastMode97. Well there's an obvious problem with Din's anything; I didn't want Din getting weirded out or Rish coming after me. Beloved of Nayru, well it really wasn't something that I felt I could use on Youtube and neither was Hero of Farore. SO the only one left was BeastMode97, but it still didn't sound right so I added 'man' at the end and it was perfect... albeit a little long. :) So yeah that's it.


What a fearsome beast!!
Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
Lol, I chose this one because when i chose this i was recently out of the navy. So i thought that was a big part of who i was.. though it still is a peice of me it's not as big as it was before. I have no qualms though so i'm good. i don't regret the name.


gay energy
Feb 28, 2010
New York
My old username was MarinetheWitch. The reason behind this is because a long time ago, when I was pretty young, my friends and I made this "club" and we could choose to be a witch, a fairy or a shapeshifter. I chose witch for whatever reason, and my online nickname at the time was Marine, so thus that username was born.

Now, I changed my username to BlueLakeKylie. First, I like it better, and after that, each piece has a reason.
Blue is my color.
Water is my element. (Lake)
Kylie is my nickname.

It was going to be LakeKylia but I changed my mind.


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I chose mine because:
jimmy is my first name (well, actually it is James but everyone calls me Jimmy)
.f because my last name starts with "f"
27 because it is my lucky number
jimmy.f27 :)


trollin for booty
Sep 29, 2009
i came up with using my name and adding a "striforce" creating "elliotstriforce" because i felt like it, and it was all i could think of. no real reason, no real thought put into it. i put more thought into this post than i did into my username.


May 22, 2013
Username Story

So, simple topic here. This one should be easy and fun! :D

What's the exciting and thrilling (or not so exciting and thrilling...) story behind your username? Why did you choose that one? What do pancakes have to do with it? Why is the text beneath your username the way it is?


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
My username was a complex process to think up, which took sheer brain power to the max.

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Dec 2, 2012
Username comes from my nickname for the past 3 years (TSter), and the Great part comes from the fact that I am apparently self-centered (never noticed, but... meh).

As for the text below my Username (Usertitle, as it is called), I wanted to come up with something that sounded cool, but funny at the same time. So I thought of my avatar, and my Userbar, and then though "Usurper Kikwi". I thought it sounded cool, so I stuck with it!

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