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How strict should the Master Sword's portrayal be?

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Just something I've been tossing around awhile now, should the Master Sword's portrayal be more strict? As we all know its no ordinary sword, and not just anyone can go and pick it up, or pull it from a pedastal. Basically should it only be weilded by link? Only those who are worthy may weild it, meaning only someone with the spirit of the hero may use it.Can this even be done, afterall there was one scene at the end of WW were Zelda picked it up and handed it to Link, should this ever be done again though? Having her pick it up implys that as long as you're not evil you can pick it up. The route I'm leaning towards is similar to the depictions of Thor's Hammer from Norse myth, only Thor himself can lift the hammer, anyone else will fail to lift it. Should a similar portrayal be done with the Master Sword? I realise the laws for it are practically set in stone now, but still I'd like to see everyone's thoughts.
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Jul 6, 2011
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Yeah, I don't think that should happen again. Zelda touches it in HW too.
It is not right. In OOT Zelda could have easily picked it up and thrown it to link but she does not? Why? Because she can't.
It is stated in SS, only link can wield it. That being the most recent canon game, I hope they continue to respect that fact with future titles.


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Jun 15, 2012
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I think that the point of the Master Sword is that it can only be drawn and wielded by Link, but that other people like Zelda (maybe only Zelda or other Triforce-piece holders) can touch it. Something like that. If you have to allow for the end of WW, that would explain it. I'm going to ignore HW because it's not canon anyway. I think that's as strict as it needs to be, that only Link, the chosen hero of the saga, can actually fight with it.

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There are some exceptions, like in Skyward Sword Ghirahim was able to take the sword from you during combat and throw it at you, and the Bobkoblins were able to transport it to the top of Eldin Volcano during the Song of the Hero quest. I think of when people say Link is the only one who can "wield" the Master Sword, they mean he's the only one who can use it as a weapon. Just picking it up and holding it should be possible for others unless they're too evil to touch it like Ganondorf was. So I think exceptions like the ones I listed, and the one that someone else mentioned about Zelda picking it up and handing it to Link during the final battle in Wind Waker, are perfectly okay.

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Dec 2, 2012
When I think of the Master Sword, the first thing that comes to my head is The Sword in the Stone, a novel by British Author T. H. White. In the book, there is, as the title implies, a powerful sword stuck inside a stone. There is an engravement in the stone that reads "Whoso Pulleth Out This Sword of this Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of all England." Naturally, everybody in town tries to pull the sword out, but failure is all that results. A young boy, constantly looked down upon by his family, and especially his brother that overshadows him in many ways, is finally the one that manages to pull the sword out and, as a result, becomes King of England.

The Master Sword is a very similar concept in that it is a sword stuck in a stone pedestal that none but only the true hero can pull out and use. Link is the true hero, much like Arthur, who was the true king, and is therefore the only one that can wield the sword. However, just because he is the only one that can wield it does not mean he is the only one that can touch it; it means he is the only one that can use it to its full potential. King Arthur was the only one that could pull the sword out of the stone, but I'm sure anybody could have touched/held it after that, Arthur just would have been the only one that can use it. The Master Sword is the same.

Another obvious comparison that can be made is Thor's Hammer. Only the one worthy of holding it can hold the legendary hammer Mjolnir, and that person is Thor. Likewise, the only one worthy of using the Master Sword is Link.

So yes, it does seem a little strange that other people in the Zelda world can hold the Master Sword, but it's not a problem since we never see those people actually using the sword. Link, as the true hero, is able to use it as his own weapon since he is the only one worthy of using it. And this is the way I like it. I don't think it needs to change.


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May 5, 2012
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they should at least stay consistent w/ what they say in game
link to the past:
the master sword sleeps again FOREVER
link b/w worlds:
aye bruh,we gunna need the master sword


May 18, 2013
I think the master sword should just be optional, don;t make it important to the plot, just a cool weapon.

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