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How replayable is LA Switch?


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Feb 19, 2020
I wouldn't say it's all that replayable actually. The story is great, but I wouldn't want to replay the whole game just to get the true ending when I can look it up and watch it in just a few minutes online.

Most of the collectibles aren't even worth bothering to collect unless you're a completionist either. For example, I didn't bother getting the seashells to get the Koholint Sword and had no problem beating LA, especially with the Boomerang, which is basically the best weapon in the game, and the blue mail halving the damage taken.

Overall, it's a fun experience to replay every once in a great while, but not more often than that, in my opinion.
I played in hero mode and I had a lot more fun than I think I would have otherwise. I still managed to get the true ending, but it upped the stakes, especially in the early game, where it’s usually a bit easier. So, if you’ve played in normal mode and it’s been awhile, hero mode is a great way to 100% the game and this incarnation of it is probably my favorite in the series that I’ve tried so far.


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Aug 21, 2020
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I 100%ed it first time around because i knew where stuff was and the new additions weren't that hard to find, and I've not put the game into my switch ever since. It might be because I found the original to be good enough as it is, or the fact that I had already played the DX version, but I didn't really make that connection with the remake like i did with the original game. Overall still a great game. Best Grezzo remake, but never came back to it.

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