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How Old Are You?

What is your age group?

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Apr 2, 2011
everywhere and nowhere
I am 14 in body, but I've been told I'm 19 in mind. I'm more mature than most kids in this age group apparently, but I also like to joke around and get things done. I detest this generation. They give people like me a bad name and I'm assumed to be a punk teenager before people even get to know me. I hate it.

I also hate how everyone thinks were dumb kids waiting to get in trouble. it's so annoying!!! looks like 14-16's in the lead.


16 years old. I don't miss childhood for a second. My middle school years were the epitome of horrible.


Dec 13, 2009
São Paulo
I must say I am very surprised. I never expected 11-13 to be so solid. When I was 11, I didn't care at all to forums and such things. All I did was MMOs and stuff like CS 1.6.

I think it's good, in a way, that kids are now, more and more, able to interact with people from all over the world, improve their grammar, improve their thought process and sharpen their writing and social skills. On the other hand, I still think the internet is a very complicated place for 11 year olds, and wonder if I would approve having my child on the interwebz so early. Anyway, it's not for me to judge, and I do hope you know how very important it is to be careful and cautious on the internet sometimes, and to never expose yourselves. To me, the greatest gift the Internet has given us was Anonimity, or the choice to remain nameless, anonymous and free of all judgement upon your personality.

And remember:

Use your internets wisely. Do not spend it all in one place (Comic Sans because I can).
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I'm 26, and I feel old. So many people here much younger than me.
Nov 28, 2011
I have been 32 years old since the day I was born, as far as I'm concerned. In another twenty years or so I'll have a youthful state of mind, but until then I shall bludgeon my childish cohorts with long winded rapture reports about how the world will inevitably break them.

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