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How Often Do You Say "that Reminds Me of Zelda"?

Feb 5, 2011
I guess I should explain better. In today's world, it isn't rare to say "hey that reminds me of such and such". Some, myself included, don't mind this as its hard to make something totally original and the ever classic "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Others, like say Doug Walker towards Avatar, think its very weak and uninteresting making it laughable at times.

How often do you see something and say that it reminds you of The Legend of Zelda in some way?

I'll probably start with what could be the strangest comparison one could make...
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

This is how I basically saw it, our main characters are young orphans who start out being mocked by all but one, their best friend. They have a small little character following them around as their life partners, though in Gurren Lagann that is permanent. An important character dies after their first battle with a certain character. Afterwards, they meet their most notable love interest, a princess. After a while there's a 7 year gap, the Princess takes on a new identity, albeit done differently in both. The main character reunites with old friends and goes through another dimension. He saves the princess after she's been kidnapped by the main villain. Although the hero does save the world, he decides to leave and let the world go on its own without him and, assuming you see a romance between Link and Zelda, doesn't get the girl, though for different reasons. But ultimately, the main thing that reminds me of Zelda is that it is a coming of age story for the hero. Simon is basically what I'd expect Link from Ocarina of Time to be like if given a voice and allowed to show his personality, from start to finish.

Of course that's just me seeing similarities where I'm sure most don't.

Do you ever have this kind of moment?

Red Lion

Honestly as much as I love Zelda, I can't say that I've ever done or seen something that reminds me of Zelda.

You've never broken a pot? Or cut the grass? Or run around in a green tunic, killing bats in caves and finding various items to increase your power? Yeah...me neither...


no text
Dec 16, 2011
Well... I had a friend called Zelda who got taken into this strange dimension where I had to save her... oh; my name is called Link as well.

Just kidding, I have never found anything (that i'm aware of) which reminded me of Legend of Zelda, except other copies of it.


Jun 22, 2011
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for the N64 really reminds me of the Zelda series because it has items and dungeons that feel like Zelda. The Elder Scrolls series reminds me of the original Legend of Zelda for the amount of freedom you have. Whenever I see ice on a pond I think of ice block puzzles, whenever I see the pond without ice I think of the Lakebed Temple, and it doesn't help that I can see a pond outside my bedroom window. So I guess a lot of things remind of Zelda.


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
I am reminded of Zelda in basically everything. Someone can just be wearing some worn out brown boots, and I'm like, "Are you going to cosplay as Link or something?" Seriously. Most of the people I live with either hate video games of dislike Zelda. It get's annoying when they ask what the hell I'm talking about when I randomly start saying things like, "You know, Ashei reminds me of myself. Except for her accent, 'cause I don't have one on those, yeah?"

Ridiculousness. My mother might kill me if I mention how hot Princess Zelda was in TP one more time... So, I talk about how things remind me of Zelda a lot. :yes: :P


one of many
Sep 27, 2011
Talking to the other zellinkdas
That happened to me so much when i took a music class at my school. i did it so much that every time that i said "this reminds me of.." everyone around me would go "OF ZELDA!" lol that's a sign i needed to cut down..:lol:
Jan 1, 2011
Not once did I every use that term. I never relate anything in the real life into a Zelda video game, I find it to be quite awkward when I say that reference to someone who has no idea what I'm talking about
Aug 25, 2011
When I see ornate pottery I do have the nagging urge to smash them to see if anything useful is inside.

I was at a Mexican restaurant once and they had this painting of a bunch of Aztec pots.. and I was reminded of Zelda... I thought "I bet that painting would piss Link right the F-off.. he sure does hate pottery." I said this aloud and my son and daughters laughed.. and my wife was like "I don't get it" I explained.. and she looked at me with those disappointed eyes of hers and wondered why she didn't marry a man who liked sports statistics instead.. I didn't get lucky that night...

OK that last part about my wife wasn't true.. but the rest of it was. She didn't get the reference.. she just called me and my kids nerds and went back to eating chips and salsa.
May 6, 2012
Hyrule Castle
All the time; example: Science class we sat a black rat... I instantly thought TWILIGHT VERMIN!! The we say a large bird that looked oddly enough like a Cardarak....
Apr 5, 2012
All. the. freaking. time.
Just today actually, my friend was way ahead of me in the hallway and I was trying to hurry and catch up to her and yelled

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