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How Long?


Jun 22, 2011
I don't think he was misleading at all. He literally gave a 50-100 hour ratio. That's a huge divide. He was not suggesting it would be 100 hours
I just mean that his statement was vague. I think it was safe to assume he meant sidequests were included in the time, but Hero Mode wasn't IMO. In retrospect I think it was odd to include Hero Mode in the range (as you, Danigo, and now I assume he did) because I don't see how it counts as new content. It's much closer to being just a second playthrough. I think it was unfair to say Skyward Sword will have between 50-100 hours without specifying that he included Hero Mode in that figure.

I honestly thought he meant to 100% the first quest would take 50-100 hours. Once I started Hero Mode and noticed the clock carried over I realized what he actually meant. I highly doubt he tried to give people the wrong idea, but in my case he did.

I actually still feel it was a very long game. Being able to cut down the time during a speed run does not mean the game is short; the point of a speed run is to cut the standard playtime. It might be telling as far as how much you can skip or rush through, but in terms of talking about the game's length, it's not really a good indication.

Either way, I don't think 37 hours really counts as a short game at all.

Definitely, I was more providing the information for everyone on how fast the shortest time through the game is rather than trying to prove a point. I think the game had plenty of content. This isn't the best thread to share this information I admit though because it's about first playthroughs.

Edit: Now I realize what my intentions were- XskywardX doubted someone beat the game with a time of 29 hours. I just wanted to clarify that that time is definitely within the realm of possibility and providing the fastest time did that.
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Just finished Hero Mode...at 62 hours..after first playthrough, was just under 35 hours


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Jan 10, 2012
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I did a 100% run my first playthrough with no walkthroughs or spoilers besides axle the beast talking about demise on the curiosity shop and it took me 53 hours. That was exploring every nook and cranny of the game and having to do the mine cart minigame several times. lol
Jan 1, 2011
It took me roughly 40 hours to beat. I think I if it wasn't for me doing other things along the way, I would of finished it in a shorter amount of time.


I was right around the 44 hour mark. I had the main story completed in about 40 hours I think, but I spent a little while getting all the gratitude crystals, doing the remaining side quests, etc. before I fought Ghirahim and Demise at the end. This is the first Zelda game I beat without a single tutorial or walkthrough. I didn't really have a choice since I got the game two weeks before it was released (I review video games: http://www.eggplante.com) so there was nothing out there. It was a very satisfying experience doing it that way, I must say!

Miyamoto says it takes 100 hours because he factors in the Hero mode, I believe, which would be about right if the first run through takes most people about 45-55 hours.
Feb 23, 2011
I have just begun Hero Mode, and I calculate it will not take much longer than my second play-through to complete, which had taken 50 hours, a few hours more than my first play-through before the US release of Skyward Sword. Keep in mind that my first play-through was rushed and far from a 100% run.

My second play-through + Hero Mode will most likely equate to over 100 hours.
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You might be a slower gamer, but you're getting really deep into the storyline and exploring a lot, so you might know it better than all of us when you're done!
Dec 27, 2011
I think I finished it in around 38 hours. I'm the kind of person that runs everywhere and explores every crevice the first time through. It also helps that I somehow managed to beat the mini games on the first try :)

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Jan 29, 2012
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Somewhere around the 70 hour mark. I got all the gratitude crystals and the hylian shield, but even without them I think I would have taken just as long. I mean, some of those puzzles were HARD! Do you know how many times I had to go to the sheikah stone?

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