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Spoiler How Long Do You Think a Shield Will Last


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Well I'm sure that if it's required to return to Skyloft then they would have a warp feature or something, maybe it would be locked until you get past a certain point in the game - sort of like learning the Ocarina songs in Ocarina of Time. But Nintendo did say they were making things more useful so blacksmiths shouldn't be located only in the hub world.


sheild length

hey there i belive that the hylian shiled may be unbreakable and the wood will be like 50 hits and the iron one 100? :)
Jul 24, 2010
Charlotte, NC
i don't know about how many hits each shield will take, but i did hear that only certain things can damage each shield. fire for the wooden one and magic for the hylain shield. i never heard what damages the iron shield. there maybe more shields than these 3 but i don't know how many exactly. i just know that i heard the word "several" somewhere but that could mean anything.
Jun 25, 2011
But your point about the shield being the best (or is it? A fourth tier of shield isn't uncommon) does give it more leeway to being expensive.

I don't think any LoZ game has ever had a 4th shield. I'm really hoping SS does, however. I was really disappointed there wasn't a better shield in TP. Not quite sure why, I just wanted one!

Also, I'm guessing you get your first Hylian Shield as a gift or in a chest. We're not even sure if they're available for purchase yet. Maybe there aren't any shield-stealing enemies (like-likes) and when a shield "completely" breaks you can still repair it. That way, only repairing is needed.

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