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General Zelda How It Should Have Ended!


Tots Som Pops
Mar 22, 2013
Hello everyone!

In most (if not all) the Zelda games, we see little to nothing about the events after the game itself. We usually see the people rejoycing and celebrating peace, but we never get to see how they solve the problems created by the villain (for example, rebuilding Hyrule in OOT). Most importantly, we don't know what happens to the hero! It's usually assumed he lives happily ever after -after all, if something interesting happened to him again we would be playing it ourselves; however, his lack of interest for anything that can't be stabbed gives him a very uncertain future in a peacefull, prosperous kingdom.

So sharpen up your imagination! Pick whichever game you like and say how do you think it sould end -make it short, this is not the place for fanfics! Topics be what will Link do for a living, is Zelda finally going to be crowned Queen, what is there to do with the leftovers of the evil forces... On with it!

(BTW: Yes, this is a direct reference to the HISHE series, some great videos with alternative endingsof movies. And no, they don't pay me for this puclicity, unfortunately)


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Twilight Princess
Midna should've left without saying a word. There was no sense of friendship between her and Link (imo), no tangible bond. So her leaving without a word would ultimately be better for my purposes. Zelda would be shown ruling over the land, perhaps even looking into old scripts regarding some religious stuff. And Link? He would not have left. No, he'd stay at Ordon with his girl to patch that business up.


The Fierce Deity
Jan 16, 2013
Inside the Moon
WW- I always thought the ending made no sense, so hears how it goes. Link gets up to the top of the tower in pursuit of Ganondorf. He stands there and tells Link to surrender the Triforce. He has an epic battle with Link, but Link is knocked out at the end. (seriously that scene in WW makes Link look like a wimp!) Then he plans to wish for the water over Hyrule to be cast away. Then the king gets the Triforce and wishes for a portal to open back to the surface. He tells Zelda and Link to get away fast, but Ganondorf blocks their path, and says he will have the last laugh. He throws his sword up into the sky, and it shatters the barrier holding the ocean back. Then we have our final Ganon vs Link and Zelda match, and Ganondorf is slain. Link and Zelda prepare to leave, but they notice the king isn't coming. He tells them they should flee and start the world. He decides to remain behind, for he was the ruler who failed to save Hyrule and "a captain must go down with his ship". Then our young heroes flee and we get the rest of the normal ending.

I feel this ending makes a little more sense, and it does eliminate the atrocious scene where Link is defeated by Ganondorf so easily.


May 18, 2013
OoT: Navi should have been swatted like a bug.

SS: Fi should have been stabbed by the Master Sword(lol irony).


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
TP: The whole kingdom of Hyrule gets together to help rebuild itself. Gorons and Hylians alike helping rebuild the now collapsed castle, all of the baddies go away, its a cute little clean up scene. Zelda takes power again and starts giving orders for even more building of new villages and crap. There is a scene with Zelda and Link and Midna where Midna slips away without a word but at the last second Link sees her and then she does the teardrop thing and breaks the mirror again. Next scene Link is scene is similar to the regular last one except with Colin and Rusl in addition to Ilia. Link rides away into the unknown looking for more adventure. Last scene Link is on epona at night looking out over the Kingdom which he is about to leave behind. At that moment he heres a wolf howl and the moon gets super bright. He turns around in curiosity and looks at his shadow being cast by the moonlight to see the familiar smirking face in it of an Imp he knew. He looks up, smiles, and rides off into the darkness...



Jul 1, 2012
My answer probably doesn't apply to the context of this thread, but the title more so.

I loved the ending to The Wind Waker , probably only second to Twilight Princess. However, it was such a good ending that it should have been kept as the end. Essentially, I wanted this Timeline to end here, thus making the following DS titles nonexistent. Now this isn't down to me not enjoying those titles, I did, but story-wise I felt they were weak and vastly inferior to the epic tale told by the original game of that Timeline.

In my opinion, it was the perfect way to end that set of events, a young boy, finally defeated Ganondorf and setting off for a new adventure, leaving the old Hyrule behind and searching for a new one. It was one of those moments were it was like "Did they actually find a new Hyrule?". It just seemed like a perfect ending, which is why I was slightly annoyed at how insignificant it's sequel was, story wise. I do realise the potential in that Timeline, but for me, that should have been "The End" literally.

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