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How Has Your ZD Experience Been So Far?


Collecting Dust
Sep 27, 2010
I dunno how long I have been a ZD member, because I'm too lazy to check. The thing I love about ZD is the varied age and varied likes! The people on this site don't only like Zelda and arn't all Nintendo Fanboys/girls, but like Sony and Microsoft aswell! Also, if you need hlep on something, people are willing to give advice! This website rocks and the forum UBER-rocks!!! Big thumbs-up from me!!!:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:/5


DGN's Metaphysicist
Oct 9, 2009
Ponyville, Equestria ('murica irl)
In one word: Awesome.

In more than one word: I started out here a couple years ago. At first, I was very cocky and stubborn. That didn't earn me much respect. Then I stopped coming here for a while. When I finally logged back on, I found that my reputation was so low that I had the skull. I had matured by then, and now, I'm racking up the reputation. :)


All Hail Yhtomit!
Mar 6, 2011
The Lost Woods
Well I've been here for about a Month, maybe two my now. But I can say That I've love this place! Even 3 years ago when I didn't Know they had a Forum(or was it 2 years?) I enjoyed their Manga and their news, for the most part this site has been one of my only connections to the gaming world, and The Legend of Zelda. So I can easily say that if it wasn't for ZD I wouldn't have started the Three heart challenge, I wouldn't know HOW many Zelda games there are...I wouldn't know or do a LOT of things... So THANK YOU Zelda Dungeon!!


The Quiet Man
I've been here for nearly 2 months or so. I've never joined a forum before, and Its because I often prefer lurking them (too many unpleasant people, that's why).

It's been nice, but I can't help the impression that not everybody around trusts me. Can't blame them, my first posts made me look like a troll.

I first joined because of the social part, I knew it would really help me as I'm not exactly skilled with people. It's really paid off! I don't know whether the ones in my friend list really consider me a friend, or just a nice guy. Food for thought, isn't it?

Oh yeah, and I love posting in old threads that nobody will probably read.
Nov 29, 2010
First ever and last Zelda forum for me, so you can bet the experience has been great for me. Sure, I might not know much about Zelda, but the way most of the people here treat me is what keeps me here, never seen such good treatment and behaving from members at other forums I visited. ^^

Glad you like it here mate
well ive been here about nine months and i really do like it.

Lots of fun threads,and everyone is very nice.
First Zelda forum ive been on and its great.

10/10 for me.
Feb 1, 2011

My experience here has been good... so far. Hopefully it stays that way.
I have no idea why it wouldn't stay that way, but my time here has been good.

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