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How has the Legend of Zelda series affected your life?


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Sep 29, 2020
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Video games are first and foremost a form of entertainment, but like any well-done storytelling media, can touch our lives in a deeper way. Has the Legend of Zelda series affected your life in any way, and if so how?
For me, it was a timely thing. Mainly, it's been great escapism during the pandemic. But also, back in the summer, I was having trouble processing grief and disappointment. That's also when I was playing Wind Waker. There's not really anything specific from the story that touched me, but it was some good food for thought at the time, and I fully believe I'm in the place I am today with grief and disappointment because of that game.

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Aug 31, 2014
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I dont have any special relationship with zelda but my taste in action games was largely formed by the series
I guess skyward sword is lightly symbolic of my best years As I played it a lot coming home from high school
As much as I love the Zelda series, I struggle to think of ways that it specifically has helped me in ways that other video games have not. Sometimes Zelda games release during bad times and I guess in their own way they help carry me, but that could be any game, really. The games can have very strong messages in their story, but a lot of them went over my head for a long time because I was young, so they weren't like as impactful as they could have been. But as an interest, the series has still affected me a lot. Some of my best friendships started from a mutual interest in the series--both offline and on. I was thinking tonight while I was doing the Splatfest with some friends, how I wouldn't know any of them if I didn't play Breath of the Wild. I can't really imagine that. If anything, I'm grateful for the people I've met through the series.
Dec 5, 2020
There is a fair chance that Ocarina of Time may have been the first video game I have ever played. Meaning it is possible that the Zelda series got me interested in video games in the first place. Games have been a significant part of my life for a very long time, so I would say that made for a substantial impact. On a personal level, the Zelda games have this timeless appeal to them that manages to grip me in a way other games do not. They have this sense of purity that enchants me; a call to adventure in a fantastic world with all of these wonderful characters and places to see. It's not as if other games don't offer these things, but with Zelda it feels particularly special to me. The series as a whole and what it represents will always be near and dear to my heart. It has always been there for me to help bring me up when life has left me feeling down.

Socially however, the experience has been quite different. Of the friends I've had throughout the years, none of them have been all that interested in Zelda. I've not been able to truly bond with anybody over these games. On the internet there have been more casual interactions, which are still appreciated. Though something I've run into a lot with this series specifically is that people seem to be wholly dedicated to a few particular Zelda games while being harshly critical of the rest. There is nothing wrong with having preferences/favorites, but with these people it resembles something more akin to tribalism. I've seen this so often that it became ingrained into my mind in a way. What I mean by that is when I play my favorites I'm always of the mindset to mentally take note of why I enjoy these games, refute things people highlight as bad, think about the design and pacing "objectively" (I hate that word); basically lots of immersion-breaking fun-killing game reviewer nonsense. It's really awful. I know it's a big me-problem as to why I care so much. It wasn't always a problem though. When I was younger I was happy to play any Zelda game at all. I didn't think about these games in a vacuum of debates and arguments. I simply took them as they were and enjoyed it.

Admittedly this me-problem has influenced me to join this forum in the first place. Being here at least gives me opportunities to speak my mind on things and get more perspective from other fans. I think it has been helping and I appreciate the community here. I wish I had more positive things to say on this topic. In my experience the Zelda series has largely been a lonely enjoyment, which is kind of sad.


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May 5, 2012
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I was going through a bit of a rough patch around 2 years ago, and botw was a big help in keeping my mind distracted from it a few times, I don't typically like to play games when I'm feeling like that but heck, it's the new zelda game and I wanted to play it

and of course there's the whole being a big fan of it, the first fanfic I ever read was zelda related
The original Zelda game was the first video game I ever played at an age young enough to not even know what video games were.

It and AoL got me thrigh some early years of abuse even though I didn't know what they were or what I was doing.

Later on in life it introduced me to story telling in the medium and became the reason why I played video games in the first place.

Later on again it helped me a few times not to do something fatally stupid and then The Wind Waker came out and became my digital home away from during more rough years and a difficult transition.

Then, due to not having any friends to talk to about it, I joined ZD and have been here creating memories ever since.

Even now its helping by bringing me closer to people and most recently the hype for BotW gave me some of my favourite memories in my life because of who I shared it with.


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Apr 8, 2019
I was born into Zelda. I literally can't imagine life without it. Almost all of my earliest childhood memories revolve around Ocarina of Time.

Zelda has been a staple in life, something to fall back on, to catch me when I need it. I love Zelda with all of my heart.

But most of all, Breath of the Wild has meant so much for me that it's difficult to pin down into words. But I know for sure that I can easily divide my life into a before and after. I was wayward, irascible and lonely and felt like I didn't have somewhere to go, somewhere to hide from the evils that plagued me. I was out of control and did a lot of mistakes. But Breath of the Wild changed all that, made me into a completely different person, someone I was more comfortable and at home with. It gave me a special kind of emotional maturity that made me settle down, made me find myself again and realize what I actually valued with myself and my life.

I can't wait for BotW2.


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I started playing windwaker just before 2 family members passed away within 24 hours of one another, one of which being incredibly close to the point that I basically modeled my entire life after him. I was also starting high school in a new area about a month afterwords.

Windwaker wasn’t my first Zelda, but it was the first one I truly fell in love with, and as much as I think it’s the gold standard for the series, a lot of that is quite possibly nostalgia and how much the game touched my life.


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I actually got into Zelda quite late - as a teenager but since then it has had a pretty strong impact on my life for sure. Especially having made me come to this forum and be tied to it ever since :)

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