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Majora's Mask How Hard is Majora's Mask???



I'm 30 years old, and have played and beat the original zelda, the adventures of link, a link to the past, link's awakining, and ocarina of time.. i just started playing majora's mask, and this seems to be the toughest zelda game i've ever played... granted i have yet to get into the gamecube and wii games, but the time on mm is messing me up... just wondering if i'm getting too old, or is this game really as difficult as i think. (i don't like looking at walkthroughs, although i had to for zelda II ((and after so many years of struggling through it I'm glad, so i could finally beat it)), but this game is totally confusing to me.... just wondering everyone else's opinion. Am I crazy or is this game that difficult??

by the way, i beat all of those games during my childhood (8-18), but recently did again thanks the the wii virtual console (except the gameboy version), and although i didn't remember alot about these games, it was not too difficult. just putting that out there that i am not a zelda rookie. just curious if it's worth it to put multiple months of my free time into a game that after almost a month (1-2 hours a week) i'm just now in the swamp.... thanks for your opinions
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Oct 3, 2011
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In my opinion it really depends you on the person. I've known people who beat it easily on their first try, but I've also, known people who takes hours to beat it even with a guide.

For me though it was always one of the harder Zelda games. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier.

Play the Song of Time backwards to slow time to 1/3 that of normal or speed it back up again. This is perhaps the most useful song ever. -ZD

2. Do the side quests and mini-games. The rewards can be very helpful, and some times needed later on. Don't forget that the rewards change depending on which day your on.



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Dec 24, 2010
I think it's pretty hard but I always freak out with time limits. I got to Woodfall then panicked with a time limit in a dungeon so I haven't played it in about 2 months. >_<
May 9, 2011
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MM is probably the hardest 3D Zelda, so I'm not surprised you're having trouble with it. MasterLink is right, the Song of Inverted Time is extremely useful, play it at the beginning of each 3 day cycle and you shouldn't have to worry about time too much. I would say that it is definitely worth it, as it is one of my two favorite games ever. It shouldn't take too long to finish it unless you're a completionist because there are only 4 real dungeons and then the short ending one. The real meat of the content is in the side quests and minigames, so if you just want to finish the main quest, it won't be an enormous time sink. This game does get really difficult in the last two dungeons, so you may want to use a guide for those two. My point is, it's a great game, and you should at least try to experience it once.


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May 26, 2010
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Majora's Mask really is not that hard of a game. You have to play it in segments. You beat a dungeon, get some masks, do some sidequests to fill up your Notebook, then play Song of Time and go onto the next dungeon. It isn't as if you have to gauntlet through everything within fifty seconds, though it seems like that if you don't play the Inverted Song of Time (V, A, >, V, A, >).

The most trouble you'll have is in the sidequests, to be honest. The enemies within dungeons don't pose too much of a threat, if you have your guard up and what not. Just keep at a steady, segmented pace and you'll win the game!
Aug 17, 2011
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I didn't find it as hard as OoT but that was my first 3d zelda game and my 2nd zelda game overall.

I don't blame anyone for thinking its hard especially if they don't play games like me(explore and wander around aimless for hours on end between quests.)

However Even if you think it is the hardest game ever its worth it! It is quite honestly one of the greatest works of art in recent times.


All that you really need to do is master using and manipulating time and then the game becomes easier (song of inverted time) however some of the temples can sometimes be challenging but not as much as to really be super difficult.


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Well, to start off, I don't think slow progress is a reason to give up on the game, I mean, it took me months to figure out what to do at first until I finally gave up and looked it up on a walk-through. Majora's Mask has a particular lack of direction among the 3D Zelda games, so that's a reason you're not likely to progress too quickly without a walk-through. Heck, I used to joke around with some friends saying that the person who managed to beat the game without one would be the Zelda player to rule all Zelda players! XD

So, on a more serious note: I think the reason the game can be so tough sometimes is not as much because of the dungeons themselves, but because of how essential side-quests can be sometimes to the main game. In fact...

I don't blame anyone for thinking its hard especially if they don't play games like me(explore and wander around aimless for hours on end between quests.)

I think bulbasaur brings up a good point here. The game has a relative lack of direction in comparison to other 3D Zelda games, so you're probably gonna have to wander a lot before actually knowing what to do. Add the time limit to that and...well, it can get ugly and throwing-the-controller-against-a-wall-in-rage worthy.
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Oct 2, 2011
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The game isn't hard as long a you know what to do. I had to use a walkthrough on the Great Bay temple and a couple other areas. If you're stuck, there's no point in staying frustrated!

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