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How far reaching is Majora's Mask's influence?

Discussion in 'Zelda Theory' started by Jason The Axemaskman, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Jason The Axemaskman

    Jason The Axemaskman ~ Deus' Pug Smuggler ~

    Oct 18, 2011
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    Years ago I got into a debate with someone over just how far reaching Majora's Mask's influence is. I found that old debate and wanted to share the other person's argument.

    His argument was that Majora's Mask was able to influence Skull Kid before he even knew about the mask. Skull kid attacked the Happy Mask Salesman because the mask made him do it.

    I disagreed with that argument, and still do. Skull Kid attacked the HMS because he wanted to. The Mask didn't make him do it, because Skull Kid didn't even know the mask existed until he was rummaging through the HMS's backpack and found it. I say one actually has to know the mask exists for it to exert any kind of influence on the person.

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  2. Dizzi

    Dizzi magical internet cat....

    Jun 22, 2016
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    He didn't know hms got tje mask and then puts it on and be evil, be fore he got mask he was probably cheeky
  3. Magic Bean Seller

    Magic Bean Seller The Apocalyptic Overlord Forum Volunteer

    Feb 18, 2010
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    Skull kid was always mischievous and loved to pull pranks on people as evidenced by the fact most of terminian society turned from him, alone and destitute he found new friends in the form of two fairies and they encouraged bad habits from just a prank it turned to assault and theft, i think the mask itself could've called to him much in the same way as the One Ring called to Sauron in LoTRs, it sought a weak will to dominate and control and so was always calling out how else was it recovered by the mask salesman? I don't feel that it could've called to Skull Kid because it appeared ot a random hit and grab and the maskman would've found a way to silence the masks siren call, he wanted it for himself not for others to claim, i think that when Skull Kid got ahold of the mask it started manipulating him, maybe it didn't gain full control for awhile but almost certianly the turning point was link being turned into a deku, at that point the mask starts afirming it's control.

    Certainly Skull kid attacked the maskman at random but i feel like it wouldn't have been an actual attack but more along his prior prankings if the mask wasn't with the salesman, as it was the mask was there and i'd say it felt a weaker mind and so sought to claim it for it's own use.
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