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How Excited Are You For Skyward Sword?

How excited are you for Skyward Sword?

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i want this game sooo much!!!! i really hope they give us a choice about the sword swinging tho. i don't want to swing the remote every time i want to use the sword. i want to be able to use the G-cube controller. or the n64 but that's impossible.

game freak

I am not as excited as my sister is, but it would be somthing else to play so my vote would probably be somewhere in between not very excited and excited


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
Well, I've become extremely obsessed with Zelda (more than usual, which is saying a lot with me) and it's almost to the point where I'm fanboy. Not quite, but close to it. The latest trailer sent me fanboy for about 30 minutes. XD

The same thing happened with Twilight Princess, of course. As it will with the game after Skyward Sword.
Feb 1, 2011
I feel alone. I was the only one who voted not excited.:sweat:

The reason being is that I don't own a Wii and I'm not planning on getting one.

Yeah, I would be more excited if I did have a Wii, but I don't.


I'm pretty excited--but not extremely. Actually, I wasn't very excited any more before they showed the GDC trailer, because of lack of information (or at least trailers). But after that trailer, I regained some hype. I'll probably become more excited if they show a trailer at E3 and give an official release date. But it looks lovely and the gameplay looks fun.


Jan 24, 2011
probs russia
meh. not very exited. cuz im bisy playing some other games like...pokemon blue and minish cap and also, twilight princess. im still exited for it but yea not all like "OMG SS!" just like...."hey new zelda game...wooo...!..."


Jan 19, 2011
When I watched the GDC trailer a month and a bit ago, I freaked out, like massive squealy fan-boy freak spaz attack, so yeah, I'm pretty damn excited. :)

P.S I was the first one to post a thread about the GDC trailer, fun fact... :P

Kaleb Dampf

YouTube- www.youtube.com/user/F3artheReaper
Mar 31, 2011
US of A
Currently waiting for the release, money in hand. I've been following Skyward sword since it was announced at E3 2009!
Oct 18, 2008
In my coffin
I'm really not that excited about the game. I want to be excited about this game but for some reason I can't bring myself to be. We kept hearing about how the next Zelda game would be different from past Zelda games how the next Zelda would really change things up, but all I see is a Zelda game that uses Wii Motionplus. I hope that Nintendo's saving the good stuff for E3, and I hope that we learn more about the game soon.
Apr 12, 2011
Very excited.

I consider myself a fanboy of the following things:

The Legend Of Zelda (I don't play much video games aside from the Legend Of Zelda. Lately I have been getting back into other games though)
Boards Of Canada (scottish electronic musical duo)
Mad Men (my favorite TV show)
John Williams (not the composer but the classical guitarist)

Those are the four things I'm just a total huge fan of, and I follow those religiously almost. Boards Of Canada haven't released an album in 5 years. Mad Men's next season is delayed. And John Williams simply isn't that active like he used to be. So Zelda is really the only thing that's really exciting at the moment and coming out with new things.

Not to mention that even though I've played and beaten games from the older Zelda and everything, I LOVED Twilight Princess more than any other game so I'm not very cynical at all towards newer Zelda. I get really annoyed when I constantly hear fans talk about how much they hated motion or touch controls.


Soo excited! It's a shame it won't be released before the end of summer. I am having 4 months of free time this year and would definitely want to spend some of this time with the new Zelda. I have been following the game for the last year and I search for any news every few weeks. Hope this E3 is gonna reveal some great news!

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